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Secret of success of the taken place personality - complexes?

slip Motive of transformation of an ugly duckling into a swan in many fairy tales and stories, in books and cinema. Watching the movie with the main character - the loser who permanently constantly suffers, we intuitively foresee the final - he will win and will outdo the impudent anti-hero.

But also in life there are a lot of examples when the inferiority complex becomes the engine of success.

For the first time the famous psychologist Alfred Adler started talking about it: “To be a full-fledged person, it is necessary to possess an inferiority complex“. On this statement its theory is constructed.

And it is valid, there are many examples - the world renowned people possessing complexes to overcome this feeling, by all means tried to give the importance to the figure and in something brightly to prove.

It is no secret that from an inferiority complex Napoleon from - for the low growth suffered.

U M. Monroe was a complex of the unlucky person which fault was the unsuccessful childhood. “What I it? What I am capable of? I - a blank space. Blank space and anything else. I have in soul an emptiness!“ This complex forced it to improve gait, manners and itself. She wanted to be perfection what she as a result all - achieved.

D. Carrey admitted that was an outsider, nobody wanted to communicate with him, and he had to work on the complexes. “If not laborious work on myself, on the character, I am not sure, I though could make something in this life“.

Such list is infinite among the famous persons. People meet complexes of poverty and humility. Therefore often a story about difficult poor life is a starting point. Celebrities tell about how they were killed without means of support, but the hopelessness began incentive to achieve something real in life. If there were no these difficulties, there would be no personality.

Often complexes in the child are generated by adults: “You will never achieve anything in life because you badly study“. Or the pupil becomes a derelict in a class, it is humiliated by schoolmates, apparently, that teachers treat it unfairly. Then along with complexes at such person intention - revolt arises: “Nothing, here I will grow up, and I will show all of them! You will notice me! We still will look!“ Complexes turn into strong motivation.

And through some time of such person see the successful businessman, the leader who took place the personality. People around are only surprised: “Was such ordinary-looking, imperceptible, and now - the big person“.

Really complexes are the key to success in formation of the personality? It is considered to be that the diffident person is a loser.

It is difficult to person to live with complexes therefore he will fight against them by all means. However ways all choose various. To draw attention to itself, one acquire branded clothes, diamonds and thus want to declare themselves something it seems: “Watch how I am cool! I cost something“.

One business when the person just gets the pleasant thing, and absolutely another when at the same time the person gets rid of uncertainty in himself. In this case such clothes allow to give the importance of own personality.

But there are people who do not stop on external wellbeing, their complex becomes a powerful source of motivation, and all their forces are directed to proving to themselves and people around that he is not a pathetic loser as all thought, and just the opposite. Then complexes turn into a success secret, they help to achieve with life of very much.