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How to learn to understand other people and not to allow the conflicts?

Communication - an integral part of human life. It would seem, elementary skill. But in practice it turns out that many just are not able to communicate, contact to people up to standard. communication skills are developed by

At some people only at a basic level. Just transfer of sounds, words, information. But it not everything that makes our communication, we are not cars. The conflicts and quarrels just happen on this basis.

All this very strongly influences our life. And ability is correct to contact to people helps to gain people, even partly to manipulate them, and it, in turn, allows to create favorable situations and conditions.

“Understanding -“ (Benedikt Spinoza) Grant the beginning of a consent to

, most of all much lack tolerance and ability to understand other person. If the interlocutor has views or intentions, other than ours, then automatically, unconsciously we are adjusted aggressively in relation to him.

Probably, all of us know how it happens when suddenly you find yourself in the middle of furious dispute even if the subject is frivolous, and the opponent - the best friend.

It is very important not to deny views, other than yours at once. How many people - are so much also opinions. And it is difficult to claim that some of them it is more correct, than another. Just try to understand other person. Why he so considers why he does not agree with your point of view. Think how to show it the point of view, to explain to him why you adhere to it. Tell the person it directly. Talk about it. Often during conversation people tell one, and feel and they think absolutely another.

“The truth - precisely bitter drink, the distasteful, but restoring health“ (the Lake. Balzac)

In human relations in general. It is possible to consider that a divergence of opinions - the beginning of the conflict. Sincerity and the truth destroy mistrust between people. Often we do not speak about something to the person. Because it is so accepted or because we hesitate to tell it like it is. But if all people become more open to each other - will become much less disagreements and skirmishes.

It is not so difficult: to be open, sincere and tolerant. Such position is favorable not only in the relations of close people. It meets and applied everywhere. For example, skills of communication in business are very important.

“Be able to get up on a position of other person and to understand that it is necessary for him, but not you. With the one who will manage to make it there will be a whole world“ (Dale Carnegie)

Main is to learn to understand other person. Not to indulge emotions and to take offense, and to speak openly with the person. The conflicts are not necessary to anybody. Especially when business concerns our relatives. If you understand a position of the person, and he will understand yours - the conflict will sputter out. When people understand why there are opinions, excellent from their own and when they understand why they are proved - the conflict simply has nothing grow. There are no offense and pride. There is an understanding.

“Understanding - the only formation capable to make the whole world happy“ (Vitaly Volgin)

It is known that “you can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue“. And at whom “language is suspended“ - those people of much reach in life. And here it is not necessary to be the diplomaed psychologist or the wise man. There is enough understanding and application in life of simple truth which are known to all.

People try to achieve something in life by difficult and global decisions, abilities, skills. But how the speech can go about difficult when even elementary skills are not mastered? The speech not only about communication. In our life there are a lot of trifles which became such ordinary that we do not pay to them attention. Importance of these things is forgotten. But all these trifles, in general, influence for the rest of life the person. Ability to understand people, to be tolerant, open, sincere influences for the rest of life, all its spheres.

“To change the world around, you have to change yourself“ (Mahatma Gandhi)

of People, developing skills of communication, becomes wiser. It always in better conditions, in more good relations with people. Just as we watch purity in our houses - we should keep order of thoughts, behavior, manners and our communication. Changing, we change the world around us.