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How to install electrical equipment in a new building or the new private house?

“Yes will be light!“ - the repairman told and made short circuit. So we joked in the childhood when the electricity unexpectedly vanished in the house or the apartment. But the pleasure from change of level of illumination lasted not for long. As a rule, the delight was followed by fear. The person - not a mole, it the first got light and heat which gives fire, and our ancient ancestors Neanderthal men already created in caves the first lamps - the burning sticks.

there Passed thousands of years, but the person did not change in respect of requirements: first of all to the new dwelling, whether it be the private house or the apartment, it is necessary to conduct light and heat.

Purchase of the house or new apartment for the vast majority of people - an event significant, joyful, long-awaited. Right there is a wish to make the small repairman and to celebrate housewarming. Happens even so: the floor coupler becomes, work is humming, the team of finishers is caused and here housewarming time comes.

There come guests and owners let in the apartment of a cat. Such is a sign. Having a tail is followed by a chain of visitors, champagne is opened, fun reigns everywhere, and here someone looks for the switch that it became lighter. But does not find! It appears, all repair work became by means of extenders from the neighbor or by means of “temporary barracks“. There is no light and it is impossible to live though all walls and ceilings are already trimmed. Now it is necessary to open new floors, to shtrobit still the walls smelling of fresh plaster, to cut apertures under sockets, to cut “Bulgarian“ of a pipe and in every possible way further “to break“ the house. The holiday is spoiled, and to a cat all the same.

That the similar embarrassment did not occur, first of all upon purchase or receiving the new house / apartment it is necessary to attend to a power supply problem. Conducting - as blood system of housing - in modern realities and new houses hides in a floor, walls, overlappings, keeps within special furrows.

Therefore, with first that we do in new housing after installation of interroom partitions - we part electricity on rooms, and only then already we carry out finishing works. But with what to begin to the inhabitant inexperienced in sections of wires, rules of installation and the mutually reserved chains? To us it is necessary let and unpretentious, but of a skhemk .

In each of us, even in the child, the designer dozes, and, having bought a new building, doing repair in the apartment, a cottage, a country house, it is necessary to think over power supply from design positions. Include imagination. Present that you have not naked walls, but already passed finishing there is a certain decor. To you to live here, your family, for this purpose needs light, heat, and it is impossible to start up all this business on “drift“ in any way.

Chaotic installation of power supply often conducts approximately to such situation: your favourite sofa in the new room can be located only at one wall. At the same time it blocks access to the socket located at a plinth at all! And what if you do not accept lighting how to hospital where all bulbs on a ceiling? How then to be? If give you romantic lighting in the form of the muffled light of a floor lamp on a graceful leg? Where then in the future to include this floor lamp? As we see on this example, at the solution of a question of power supply of the house it is necessary to be transferred to the future. How?

Take a Whatman paper or just stick together several sheets of paper and draw the scheme of your housing in scale usual. Let`s tell, 1:20 centimeters. We measure the room a roulette, not very much trusting measurements of BTI. We estimate already on the plan that here in this room, for example, there will be your favourite sofa on which there is a lot of useful and good it is made. Measured it a roulette too, wrote down the sizes, added small admissions, measured the same on a wall.

As a result came to a conclusion: here, on this very spot, my favourite sofa will also be located! If you like to esteem before going to bed, then, knowing as there will be a sofa and where it has a headboard, it should be noted on a wall the place where the sconce (and specify the power of a bulb which you plan to include) for convenience of reading will hang. Besides a sconce you would like to turn on in the same socket imagined so far, for example, the fumigant injector from mosquitoes because the bedroom is a bedroom, and it is intended for more pleasant affairs, than to feed blood-sicking insects. Then we note on our homebrew scheme and on a wall: “the double socket“. Here it will also appear in the future!

We stamp further on rooms. Enter a bathroom. In advance present what bathtub, what sizes you establish and where. Perhaps, you are a fan of a shower and will prefer a shower cabin. Others will want a jacuzzi. Learn the sizes of a bathtub / cabin / jacuzzi in shop where you are going to get it. Note all sizes at yourself on the scheme and on walls, on a bathtub floor. Do not note the socket: by rules, it should not be in crude rooms, it is taken out in adjacent. In a corridor, for example. Estimate where there will be a washing machine. What it sizes? It is easy to find all these data on the websites of the firms selling furniture, household appliances, the sanitary equipment.

We apply only our wishes on our simple skhemka. You should not know and include information specific here - like what wire with what section and where to pull, all this becomes experts by drawing up the official plan of an electrical wiring. Your task - most precisely to reflect as where at you from electric equipment it will be located. Where the conditioner will freeze up? If the flat TV, then what diagonal it and on what wall to it to be placed is supposed? At what height? Or it will stand on a curbstone?

It is logical to assume that to the TV the socket will be required where to turn on it, and also DVD, plus, perhaps, the game console, the home theater and other. It is better to foreknow all this that then wires did not hang lifeless lianas to sockets. It is quite admissible to arrange two - the three-nested socket directly behind the suspended TV. It becomes as much as possible to reduce length of wires which do not do the house beautiful.

And what to do is farther? To continue to create!