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Untidily white... a creature of

When I heard this peep that at first did not understand. also looked back. At a stop us was only three. I and young woman with the child of years of three And suddenly I caught the movement. In a snow-covered corner under a bench that that pottered about. When I gave a hand, to the contracted untidily white lump hidden in a corner under a bench, the first that he made - It hit me with a paw and hissed . Tiny teeth of a needle were hardly visible. but the baby aggressively hissed sparkling one eye, the second was closed up krovavo by dirty nashlepky.
- be more careful it can dangerous!
Ya puzzly looked back. almost my contemporary pressed no more than 25 - 30 years to herself 3 summer children and fastidiously bent lips.
- From such dirty creatures of one illness and an infection God forbid the child will give a hand to
- And can GOD GRANT what would give a hand. your son for example.
the Woman so opened eyes that I was surprised as far as they at her big and beautiful
- Yes he will bite it or will scratch!!!! You that tell it!!! Moreover at the child!
- That`s it at the child also should be spoken
Ya wearily sighed and having got sausage from a bag broke off a piece. Bent and stretched to the hissing kid. He uncertainly stretched, sniffed and then grabbed a piece. Growling, choking and howling began to procrastinate an entertainment hardly outlined cutters. I without rising from cards again looked at the woman, the child fidgeted in her hands trying to be released and glance in a corner on greedy humming baby.
is not a creature the child tiny, scared too, hungry and frozen unless you do not feel sorry for him?
- Whom? This dirty being? Do not make laugh me And if you such do-good and take that!
Ya grinned and having tried on dexterously picked up a kitten under a tummy. The baby in turn strong held a piece of sausage having seized for reliability it also Having arranged with two paws a young of wild animal on an elbow bend I carefully stroked the kitten tormenting sausage between ears.
- Already took And all therefore . because I cannot pass by the unfortunate child and not important two legs at him or four paws. All children have the right for compassion, care and protection! And, above all on LYUBOV.
- Here will be at you children
Ya so sincerely burst out laughing that the woman ceased without having finished speaking.
- And I have their two! The eldest son is four years old, and to the second two! And I they are sure very much will be delighted to the new friend and will share with him both cream of wheat and a chicken piece!
- Well if does not feel sorry for your children for you .
Ya deeply sighed. looked at the young woman facing me and did not know that to tell how to explain. how to reach to her heart tightly rolled up in expensive rags .
- you Know. and to me it is valid It is not A PITY for my children.
of an Eye of young mummy were again rounded, and lips were pursed in bitter irony, but I did not allow it to answer and continued affairs an emphasis on the word NOT it is A PITY!!!!.
. - Everything that is necessary for my children, they already received and receive every day. every minute . The love, Heat and they are able to share them They already now receiving Give Kindness and Compassion to those who less them are also more defenseless. My kid is two years old, but he already pats a vorobyishka with the broken wing, a finger on a back and in the opinion of a tear at it. He cannot speak, badly still owns the speech but he feels the heart and I am sure . he knows what is pity! YES! I am sure my children will grow kind, sympathetic people. Because from the first steps, I learn them - that this world, it belongs not only to us but also that who zhtvt near us and whom we do not notice we do not want to notice more true
the Kitten ate up sausage and quietly sang having warmed on a bend of my elbow. I did not look at the woman and she strangely enough was silent. And me it was awkward that I gave it nearly whole lecture . At last the bus approached and I stood aside, passing it with the son forward. But, the woman suddenly smiled and said.
- YOU the first at you the child is less! Truth Sasha?
I her son having begun to smile began to nod the head. I entered and fell by the next seat and right there near me three-year-old Sashka settled.
the Kid snuffled and turned and suddenly his mother standing nearby . asked.
- you will allow my son to stroke a kitten?
Ya was so dumbfounded by this question that just nodded. And they began to iron carefully in turn the happy, started singing even more loudly untidily white kid. And as if dirt flew down from it and it did not look such defenseless and thrown any more. He sang and its purring sounded as the song. It was not a homeless, dirty creature any more . he was a Cat`s child and it went home!!!!