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Than each of us is unique? About a timbre of a voice of

, the voice is How valuable? No, not gold singing which show stars - business time insure for the magnificent sums. Usual speech voice. You thought of it at least once?

We use sounding of a voice, perceiving this gift as due until once we do not face a problem of impossibility to operate a sound.

Instead of the habitual speech we rattle, we speak hoarsely, and at times at all there comes the aphonia - bezglasy. Even understanding that this temporary phenomenon, we begin to realize, the Lord was how wise, having enclosed us in lips the sound capable to give feelings. Even without using the speech, the baby, nevertheless, operates a sound and can report whether it is happy or hungers, I am eager and in general requires attention.

And if for a minute to present, than lack of a voice can turn back? Here Hans Christiaan Andersen`s fairy tale “Little Mermaid“ is remembered. The tale of how her main character exchanged the wonderful voice for pair of harmonous legs to be near darling. The dramatic nature of the fairy tale is that this exchange did not bring it the desirable, moreover - it also ceased to exist. Such turn of events is unacceptable for the child, little girls cry at the end of the fairy tale. And adults reflect.

Remember that magic drink became the reason of disappearance of a voice? But that drink - only in the fairy tale, and in life? What operates a sound of our voice to what, actually, the body is responsible for its timbre? The timbre is its unique characteristic, specific coloring, practically as fingerprints. There are security systems identifying access on a voice timbre because, speaking to language of science, the timbre is a certain frequency of sound vibrations which for everyone is unique and invariable.

However a sound of a human voice - the phenomenon difficult, it has also an overtone, on the last researches of scientists - from 3 to 5. They give to sounding of a voice identity thanks to which mother learns a voice of the child, the woman - a voice of darling. And kids learned from the fairy tale “Wolf and Seven Kids“ that behind a door not a goat, but a wolf. Folklore informed us of surprising certificates which we often by a carelessness miss. Here that is written in the fairy tale: The wolf did not become puzzled, went to the smith who the voice - that to it reforged!

Not to complicate the narration, the people used allegory, but, apparently, precisely knew that it is possible to change a voice. And when we listen to speeches of parodists, we are convinced - still as it is possible! Only it is possible to change not a timbre, and sounding, and smiths of the voice, as well as happiness, - ourselves.

Teachers of a vocal, specialists in equipment of the speech can supply with exercises, devote in a technique subtlety, check correctness of development of skills, but we can change sounding of the voice only.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands sequence and the principle of change of a voice. Some try to find a nonexistent “magic tablet“ which immediately will change to the best its force and sounding. And actually - to change sounding of a voice, it is necessary just to carry out exercises, and the necessary number of times and every day.

And it is definitely not the fairy tale.