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How to carry out sea tour with advantage for sounding of a voice?

Summer, the sea, rest are what we dream in winter cold weather of. When norths blow to bones, cold and a sore throat annoys, we promise ourselves that we will surely devote summer holiday to improvement... And what occurs in practice?

we Escape for 3-5 days, we burn, “we put“ a throat ice drinks, we do not sleep, trying to embrace all immense pleasures of the resort, as a result we receive instead of improvement - fatigue.

And if pharyngitis, laryngitis or quinsy regularly annoy, then it is possible to forget about stable sounding of a voice. Even the insignificant inflammation of a nasopharynx can “award“ with an osiplost, hoarseness and even absolutely to leave without voice.

In the most unenviable position in this case there are those whose work and earnings directly depend on its sounding. How to use sea tour with advantage for a voice?

We will introduce some amendments in otdykhatelny process which will really take only several minutes a day, but will bring undoubted benefit for your improvement. You know that scientists from Japan proved that if to rinse a throat even usual water, then resistance of an organism to inflammatory diseases considerably increases? Well, for a throat of rinsings by sea water you know about usefulness for certain.

Compounds of iodine, the minerals and salts which are contained in sea water are capable to protect from illnesses if only 1-2 times a day to rinse a throat for prevention. Give to this process of all a couple of minutes during rest, and then, having involved, continue, having joined in a working rhythm, - and the result will not keep itself waiting!

There are several aspects which it is necessary to remember that rinsing process by sea water precisely became effective:

1. Having gathered a little water in a mouth, do not forget to lower a throat to give the chance of liquid to leak more deeply.
2. Having thrown back the head, “roll“ not less than a minute, it is possible in stages.
3. Having stopped to rinse a throat, refrain from food and drink of 30-40 minutes. Useful substances have to be soaked up in a mucous membrane of a mouth and a throat.

For rinsing by sea water it is necessary to gather it where it is purer, - far away from the coast, at a depth at least of an outstretched arm.

Before rinsing a throat, it is possible to warm up water on the sun, but gradually day by day will reduce temperature, thus, your throat to become tempered. Simple recommendations, isn`t that so?

The biggest secret of this method - respect for systematicity. Even having returned from the sea coast, buy sea salt in a drugstore, you part (it is desirable to filter) and continue. It is worth remembering what cannot be tempered when the organism is weakened by an illness.

Perfectly regular rinsings of a throat with herbs tinctures - such as a camomile pharmaceutical, a sage, a calendula, an eucalyptus work for a hardening of a nasopharyngeal cavity. The preventive course makes from 4 - x to 5 - ti weeks. Start without deliberating, then sounding of a voice will please you and your interlocutors, despite of weather and a season!