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How to strengthen sounding of a voice without technical means?

After the voice is trained on a support, that is special speech breath is mastered, it is possible to start strengthening of a sound resonators.

of Feet! I, of course, do not doubt that you are familiar with concept a resonance and even guess what could mean the phrase “strengthening of a sound resonators“, but I all - will specify what in a concrete case there is a speech about.

Resonant fluctuation of sound waves strengthens a sound, and it the fact that it is necessary that you were heard in the last row. Why to tear vocal chords if it is possible to use, besides basic breath, also laws of physics?

Dome-shaped roofs of historical constructions demonstrate that people knew about strengthening of a sound resonators for a long time. In ancient churches where many people gathered and it is essential there was a question of how to strengthen the preacher`s voice, were found built in in walls, empty vessels which were used with the same purpose.

Moreover, each of us knows how any sounds in the empty room boomingly sound. A conclusion arises by itself: emptiness strengthen a sound!

In our body there are natural emptiness which can be used, developing voice force. On our face under frontal and malar bones around a nose bridge the head resonator is located. This area is called often “a mask of the person“ because it is covered with carnival masks. And around a thorax - the chest resonator. To activate this zone, use vibration massage.

Technology of massage:

Vigorously we tap with fingers of both hands:

- on a forehead with pronouncing a sound [M] (low);
- on nose wings with pronouncing a sound [M];
- on an upper lip with pronouncing a sound [In];
- on a lower lip with pronouncing a sound [Z];
- by the top part of a breast with pronouncing a sound;
- on the lower parts of a thorax on the right and at the left (on a sound [M]);
- on a back on the right and at the left (on a sound [M]).

After vibration massage which is better for carrying out standing, have a rest, having made 5-10 slow quiet breaths and exhalations. (Such massage students on classes in equipment of the speech carry out.)

Besides, force of a voice depends on ability to lift and hold the top sky which forms a natural dome in such situation.

The easiest way to feel the situation “vault of heaven“ is a yawn. Try to begin to yawn, and you will at once find out how your top sky rose and the throat fell. As our sky (actually, as well as all body) consists of hryashchik and the muscles connecting them, it perfectly gives in to training.

You remember for what time the habit is developed? In 3-7 weeks, so make this situation habitual!

At first master the hidden yawn, disconnecting only teeth, and lips leaving close, at the same time interrupting it on the middle. And then learn to reach the situation “vault of heaven“ without using a yawn. Some sources call the throat which is lowered at the same time “the second throat“.

The voice force, its beauty and harmony are directly connected also with strengthening of a sound resonators and with ability to use a yawn. All most famous owners of magnificent singing voices used this reception.