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Let`s me be born, please!

They quarrel again. Yes, how many it is possible?! The main, trifling business, and are not going to concede each other. How many I can improve their relations? My future parents do not know at all that I fly over them for a long time. I chose them not just like that, and from big love to both.

They want long ago that I was born, but do not suspect at all that I watch them for a long time. But looking at them, it is terrible to me to come to them. And suddenly they will also abuse me how they abuse each other? Will not hear me as do not hear each other. To take a detached view of it - it is sick!

- You do not love me at all! - mother Marina shouted to the father Sasha, wiping tears at the same time nervously packing the things in a big traveling bag. Tears are shed from eyes as if broke through a grief dam. Pain in soul muffled a voice of reason and my whisper - to think again …
Here the silly fellow, she thinks of leaving him. It has in the head a continuous porridge from offenses. My poor mummy, does not know at all what he thinks now of, my father. And how many love in her soul! It just overflows! Her soul sobs! What she creates!? Where she runs!? You will not escape from yourself. It is necessary to stop it.

- The Father, stop it! Please! She very much loves you! She is pregnant with me!
He does not hear me …

- Well also leave if gathered! - sharply with offense in a voice my future father blurted out, having put hands on a breast, having taken seat on a sofa. He watched my future mother. Tensely, as if the tin tell-tale pasted to a sofa back with nervously squeezed lips.

Oh as he is sorry about the incident! My poor daddy! Well why he does not want to stop it? His soul aches from love to mummy, and the arrogance does not give the chance to prove. The feeling of own importance holds it on a sofa. As, it - man!

Yes why you save so many offenses? It is a little more, and this stress will move a thicket of scales on the second half which the love lies. Then it will be more difficult to understand whether they loved each other in general. Please, my dear, do not leave, I will appear, on light and you will be very happy. It has to happen in 9 months. I know it precisely!

Mother packed the things, left in a huff - left. The father remained to sit as if hardened. A swarm of thoughts in the head did not allow it to move. He tried to touch carefully all situation which occurred. To find that moment when they ceased to understand each other.

Mother and the father met at university still students. Fell in love with each other at first sight. You what it was love would see!
Mother was a cheerful bright little girl. In appearance reminded a figurine of an angel, with a graceful slender waist. Long light-a fair-haired hair, the streaming ringlets bewitching a look, covered a thin camp of mother. The look of huge blue eyes attracted the tenderness and hardly noticeable sparkle of the small knave.

The father could not admire it. Though itself did not concede on beauty in every respect. It always was sports, charismatic and very sociable. The sense of humour and ability to communicate with an opposite sex intrigued mother.

They studied together. Matured together. Made plans for joint life. I was planned after a wedding when graduate from the university.
Finished. Got married. There live together 2 years. And something not clear forces them to sort out the relations constantly.

After quarrel there passed two weeks. Mother is at my future grandmother. Future parents the whole nights do not sleep, enduring quarrel. At everyone, the voice of reason takes over feelings up. Nobody wants to go the first to a meeting. They just do not understand that in other world in what there are I so far, you look at all situations absolutely differently than when the person lives on Earth. Life on Earth is material. It suppresses a spiritual component. People at the birth absolutely forget about the life in not Earth. I so far here also see all mistakes of people, but when I already am born in a body of the baby, somebody will erase all knowledge and all understanding of the world in my memory. It is so sad …

- The Father,… the father,… you hear me?
the Voice in the father`s head mixed up with his thoughts did not give the chance to understand that happens to it. Suddenly it concentrated on the word - the father. As if it seemed to it that someone calls him.
- The Father,… reconcile with mother, - quietly I whispered - a spirit voice, the child who was not born yet.
the Father reflected as though he tried to listen to a voice and what he tells.
- You, hear me? Reconcile with mother. She very much waits for you, - I continued to whisper directly in an ear to my father - beloved future daddy.

Heart at it was strongly clogged as if it was ready to jump out of a breast. He got up and nervously paced the apartment. In the head the image of mother Marina began to appear.

- The Father, mother she is pregnant, just she about it does not know yet. Go to it, - drew spirit. the Father nervously lit
. It seemed to it that the thought that mother Marina can be came to mind became pregnant. They tried to make it. But his reason unexpectedly began to resist and dissuade it to take the first step on a meeting.

All scene of their conflict emerged in his consciousness. The offense began to dim his reason, occupying all space in his thoughts. The father Sasha strained, nervously clenched fists, having begun to smoke the second cigarette in a row.

- I will not go! Itself is guilty of everything! Let will think the head before accusing me of all mortal sins! - the father spoke. The rage and offense took up. He approached a window and stared on passing by people.

Unexpectedly for it, before the windows there passed young mother with a carriage. It so was pacified that its look forced to attract the father`s all eyes on itself. The carriage was blue color.
- Probably, the son at this woman. As it is lovely. I too very much want that Marina gave birth to me to the son, - thoughtfully he said.

- I at you already am! Hear me, please! The father, reconcile with mother, to her it is very heavy without you now! If you do not think again, I will leave you! - I tried to make myself heard to the father.

At it heart missed a bit.
- She is pregnant, Marina, probably, is pregnant. Otherwise, why of me arise such thoughts in the head, and the destiny prompts to me hints? - he told.

The father sharply took the mobile phone and wanted to dial number of darling, my mummy as the reason stopped it again, having palmed off words of mother Marina which strongly offended him.
It nervously squeezed phone in a hand. The reason repeated one and a touch the phrase - do not call, let will think, itself will come running!

My appeal, a voice in the head began to fight against voice of reason of the father Sasha, for the right to be born at the already beloved parents.

- The Father, go to mother, she is pregnant with me. Go to mother, she is pregnant with me.
He heard the word - the pregnant woman. This thought as if picked up it and incurred to Mother. My entreaties continued to operate his behavior, - Buy mother of grapes, buy mother of grapes …
That - that unexpectedly forced to turn it towards the market and to buy grapes. And the most sweet and the most tasty.

Meanwhile mother Marina was at the mother. I, spirit of yet not been born child at the same time could be both with the future father, and with mother. As the distance and time in space are only abstraction.

Mother after quarrel with the father felt low in all body. There were no forces something to do about what - that to think. All picture of their quarrel constantly busily emerged at it in the head. Tears slid from eyes. She did not understand why she cannot stop them. The mood became more and more melancholic.

I with grief watched the mother. I very much wanted to nestle on it and to calm.
- Mummy my darling, the most favourite, do not long, please. Now it is contraindicated to you. I will always be with you, I will always preserve you that you are never more - never spilled any teardrop. I will be a real man!

I tried to finish mother Marina. Sending the impulses to tenderness.
During some moment mother failed in inexplicable drowsiness. Stiffened, having stared in one point. At these moments in her head thoughts of the kid appeared. Immense tenderness rolled on it. This state for a while calmed.

- Mummy, have a sleep, have a sleep, you need forces.
Mother Marina with thoughts of future child in pleasant gentle languor went to a dream. I sent it energy of love meanwhile. Trying to preserve its rest.
B one of such moments, mother saw a dream.

There was it, on the blossoming glade, enjoying fantastic beauty not known for it an unusual species of flowers. Colors of these wonderful plants were so bright that mother tried to make out each petal, absorbing all unusual beauty of paints.

Beautiful butterflies flitted over them. Some of them sat down it on hands and tickled the small thin pads. Such miracle caused laughter in mother.
Mood was fine, a state of mind easy, there was a wish to fly up and fly over such beauty as a bird. It had an inexplicable desire to merge with the nature.

Suddenly its state of bliss was disturbed by children`s crying. She began to listen to it, trying to understand in what party there is a child. Heart it was clogged quicker when mother approached the child.

Having approached the blossoming tree, she noticed, the baby lying under it on a juicy grass who having felt its approximations, unexpectedly became silent.
- What miracle! - mother Marina, having bent over the baby, exclaimed. - What you are a little, charming kid!

The kid as though tried to answer it, trying to smile to it, on - infantile waving chubby handles. It accurately took it on hands and pressed to a breast. Unusual tenderness and love shrouded it. At this moment at the telepathic level the kid said - mother …

From the unexpected heard word in the head, at mother Marina eyes were rounded and tears with happiness acted. She tried to consider the kid as though trying to remember. Suddenly from her lips escaped, - the sonny …

their views met. The inexplicable sparkle flew between them. Mother gently pressed, the baby to a breast having showered him with kisses madly loving mother.

She woke up in pleasant happy mood. Lying on a bed blindly, she tried to keep in herself that, an image of the baby and feeling of strong maternal love which had in a dream. She wanted to return there.

I with love watched mother. Also felt how she loves me.
zatoshnit it. She instantly jumped and ran in a bathroom. Signs of pregnancy did not keep themselves waiting.

Having understood the situation, mother with a smile upon the face returned to the room. Happiness overflowed her soul. Meanwhile at a door who - that persistently called.

Having opened a door, she hardly managed to jump aside as on a threshold became hollow the daddy, having been out of breath, holding a package of grapes in hand.

- It to you, - confusedly he said, - these are grapes … - Having stared at the wife eyes full of love and tenderness, the father pronounced long-awaited for the last moment with mother words, - I cannot without you, forgive me, I love you, at us the son … &ndash has to be born

; As I wildly want grapes! - having embraced the father for a neck, having nestled on him, mother said, having merged, we will kiss with the beloved husband.

I with love watched the parents, sending energy of big not terrestrial love. “It turned out! - I thought, - I by all means will be born. Otherwise also cannot be! It turned out …