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Repair in the apartment. How you can be deceived?

each person are visited Sooner or later by thought that it is time to do repair in the apartment. By own efforts it is possible to pokleit wall-paper easily, for example. However if the apartment demands capital repairs, then here not to do without the corresponding experts any more.

The firms offering “Turnkey repair!“, today the sea - the ocean. As they say, eyes run up. But when you begin to select suitable firm, gradually the list is reduced as somewhere do not arrange a condition, and somewhere - the prices. Anyway a choice will be made in favor of the firm arranging you at all points.

It will be a question of how unfair firms can “profit“ (in a different way you will not call these actions) on your repair.

So, first of all, surely sign with firm the contract where all conditions, especially terms of a contract and cost of services have to be defined. The contract has to be signed by both parties with the obligatory indication of requisites of firm. If offer you the contract where requisites of firm are not specified, it means that such “firm“ - underground, not registered anywhere, and if something happens - you will not be able to make any complaint.

Quite often people, having agreed on the low cost of repair services, give money to the representative of “firm“, having forgotten (on pleasures that so cheap (read - favourably) repair comes out them) to ask the relevant documents and contact phones. The representative of “firm“, having received money, can then pass into nothingness. Here therefore it is also necessary to hold documents (at least the passport which, however, too can be counterfeit) not to be deceived and not to lose “everything“.

Further if you give to the representative of firm money on receipt (for example, on purchase of materials), it is obligatory for check not only existence of checks, but also what in checks is written! Easily can provide you “phony“ documents with inflated prices. How to check? It is possible to get acquainted previously with the prices of the corresponding goods in the relevant shops. Besides, if the firm buys many materials, then it for certain takes it at wholesale prices in wholesale warehouses.

Now we will talk about performance of the contract per se, that is - about the work. Always check how repair in your apartment progresses, ideally - daily visit the place of repair. It is necessary in time to take measures if suddenly it is not pleasant to you how, for example, put a tile. Cases when in your apartment people who are far from a rank of “pro“ begin to do repair are frequent. And it is fraught not only bad quality of work, but also damage of construction materials.

Repair has to take place in your apartment accurately, quickly, qualitatively. If you see that repair progresses slowly, you are “fed“ with promises - kick out such “firm“! Otherwise repair will drag on for a long time.

There are cases when the customer, having listened to “gold speeches“ of the representative of firm and having signed the contract, after several days understands that the firm does not suit him. The reasons can be different: low-quality work, damage of materials, shortage of workers, etc. In such cases the customer sometimes refuses to pay for such “work“. And it is right. However “firm“ so does not consider, and therefore to the customer are sent, roughly speaking, bandits …

not to get into such situation, it is better to employ the checked firm, it is desirable according to the recommendation of your acquaintances. If nobody can recommend you experts, and you should choose independently “according to the announcement in the newspaper“, be attentive and extremely careful. Presently there are a lot of unfair people who not that on repair, on others grief can profit.

The best is to study the Internet, to look what firms to eat, read about them responses. Also I strongly recommend to esteem that people write about how they did repair. And already on the basis of this information to make the decision. In other words, study on others mistakes to make less the!

Good luck!