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How to be saved from thieves - pickpockets? We hold ears on the top of

decided to Write article on this subject after the other day faced almost face to face the thief. No, she wanted to rob not me, and the woman who sat down in a share taxi.

It is fine, that felt how someone climbs to it in a bag (which hung on a shoulder) and shouted at it. I even at first did not understand why she shouted at her, but then the husband (who went with me) educated me, having told that it was the thief.

Of course, you do not know where you can “clean“, but quite really to be informed about that as well as where thieves - pickpockets “work“. Forewarned is forearmed!

Usually pickpockets “work“ where quite large number of the people gathers (on the markets, in shops, in transport). Now quite often they trade also at stops: when the bus or a share taxi approaches, they (I speak in plural as usually pickpockets “work“ with the whole organized group) create crowd, begin to push as if the person in the bus and in the same time climb to it in a bag or in a pocket. At the same time they in transport do not sit down, remain at a stop.

Also cases when, having come home from the market (ware or grocery), it is possible to find the bag cut up up and down are not rare - it means that the thief - the pickpocket laid a hand to a bag. Sometimes happens that at it it is impossible to pull out a purse, but, as a rule, he all - achieves the objectives. So after such campaign on the market not only it is possible to be left without money, but also the bag can be sent to a garbage can. (My mother quite often came home with the cut to pieces bag. And bags always cut almost equally: a cross - crosswise or sideways and from below.)

How to be saved from such misfortune how the thief - the pickpocket?

First of all, it is necessary “not to be spacing out“ and to gaze about a little. As a rule, the thief at first gets accustomed to the potential victim, then begins “to graze“ it - goes behind it as pasted and when that distracts, he right there seizes the moment to clean.

Therefore if you notice that for you someone constantly goes, take a bag in a hand (if it at you hangs on a shoulder), and stop even better near a counter as though considering something, and observe imperceptibly the one who caused your suspicion, let it will pass by. If he stopped too, so it is necessary “to be on the alert“ and somehow “to come off“ this subject. For example, if you are already precisely sure that this person you “grazes“, then it is possible to stare at him, usually it works not bad and the subject hurries to get lost in crowd.

Also it is not recommended to keep the large sums in a purse. It is better to put money in an inside pocket of a jacket, or in an average pocket of a bag. Besides, it is not necessary to keep all money in one place, it is recommended to spread out them in several places (but only not in external pockets).

And still: do not tempt pickpockets with the open bags and do not open the purse on a public inspection. In other words, you “shine“ on the street the valuable things less. It concerns not only money, but also other values (the mobile phone, gold jewelry). If, for example, you are going to go somewhere, then prepare on the drive the necessary sum in advance that then just to get it from a pocket (it is desirable, zipped) and to pay for journey.

Council for women : when you to find in the crowded place, you should not hold a bag on a shoulder, it is better to take it in hand before himself and to press to a body.

Council for men : it is better not to store money in trouser pockets (back and lateral) as from them and the pickpocket begins “to probe“ you.

Of course if the thief - the professional of the business, then where you hided the cash, he all the same finds it. Therefore the most certain way to be saved from the thief is to show vigilance and attention. If you were pushed - be not too lazy to turn back and stare at the person standing near you. As a rule, the thief who got under close attention will not begin to risk and will leave you alone.

Also if you stand in a queue or at a stop, pay attention to those who cost near you. You remember: any person - both the ten-year-old child, and the seventy-year-old grandmother or the person decent in appearance in a jacket and a tie can appear the thief.

As a rule, at the thief in a hand always something is: whether it be the jacket hanging on a hand or the open newspaper. These things are necessary to it to cover a hand with which it will get into a bag of the victim. Sometimes thieves “work“ in couple: one can distract the victim, another will clean it at this time.

So, being in crowded places, do not forget to show vigilance and you look around a little.