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In Russia one trouble...

I again about fools and roads

Prominences of people`s wrath and a tsunami of such just indignation concerning fascists, Bandar-logs and other genocide in Ukraine on the Russian Internet become more active when Russian as all of us know since that moment as the country won against socialism, the most truthful television in the world with a new force begins to picture about bad Ukrainians and good Russians. Then the Russian Internet just blows up national indignation, begins to boil, play the pipe and perdet violently extensively, calling on the heads of all who think not as they are at the moment truth, plague, cholera and paralysis of the lower extremities. Especially talented and sleepless compose kilometer opuses with conscientious titles “I cannot be silent!“ or “Genocide against Russians! “, godlessly involving them on Dostoyevsky, Tolstykh and Iisusakh Hristakh, in sacred confidence, as the first, both the second, and the third meant this most, them so truly understood and in a hurry vykakanny, it is unimportant that turned head over heels, with feathers extensively as it can be turned anything, especially patriotic begin to lament and call to execute all who dared not to divide their just bloodthirstiness without special preludes, especially sane begin to argue long, but also they finish the same, than the first and second, namely, tremendous knowledge where kindly and where angrily and as to equip everything.

Here it is only extremely interesting to me, well time all such fantastically clever and their reinforced concrete truth is not subject to criticism: and from where the people study so well to understand all events - in the one who the fascist and who, Soviet? Who feeds him with all this if he, without leaving the Avdiivka or what Perm, knows best and best of all how he once knew that the West rots, and he lives in the country “in which is free the person breathes“? Also would be all this tremendous and, of course, the, own thoughts - spinoz if tomorrow at them, do not bring Putin, took away their mass media from these patriots? Well, that they it began to think there if time, and Great Russian Propaganda came to an end? As if understood, where the fifth, and where the sixth column, and that it, in general, it, where the and where strangers where genocide and where plebiscite?

To them, Ivanam - to fools who have not that tertium non datur but also the second is not given too, it seems - no, they are simply sure that they such clever, such human, such exclusive, and nobody, except them. And in the head of them there is no thought, and they because from above pull the necessary threads rage - what will pull, they also give such emotion. Any dogs of Pavlov, but not conceiving people …

About continuous Ukrainian firings of the Russian territories

Ya almost I do not doubt that shown about destructions in the Rostov region from the mines and rockets which flew from the Ukrainian side, the truth. But why which day in strong conviction we are told that the National Guard fires at prikordonny check points, even without allowing thought, and a shadow of doubt that it could be work of separatists who have both mortars, and tanks, and already planes? Why the cleverest will not include the clever brains and will not think over in different directions: for what the Ukrainian guard over and over again to fire at the Russian side, obviously provoking the Russian Federation to reciprocal actions? On reciprocal dot blows? Perhaps on introduction of troops? They that, suicides and romantics who hope to reach Moscow?

And, maybe, opposite it is also necessary to so-called rebels whom push aside them one settlement in another and they sleep for a long time and see how Vladimir Vladimirovich gives a starting signal on introduction of troops on the territory of Ukraine? To whom is it necessary - why in the Russian mass media there is no alternative shadow also?

Also as well as constant stories about how the Ukrainian fascists intentionally fire at residential quarters, trying to kill and destroy as much as possible, and valorous Luhansk - Donetsk Robin Gudy hit only into an apple. Well, dy - but, I was not too lazy and counted: on Rossiya24 channel in one hour I counted 12 mentions of how “the junta shoots at peace citizens“ and will never hear sensible doubt - and, maybe, this provocation on a hand to separatists?

And these horror films about the crucified children and on a main square of Sloviansk and in detail in which, one simpleton - the patriot has a child of one age with mother, at other, bigger patriot, already another and with the father which with a mournful look the Russian journalists - as at O. Uald about love so hurry to multiply: all speak greedily, but nobody saw?

It is difficult to me to understand how it is possible to trust it and not to doubt even.