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Febrilny spasms at children. What to do?

Alas and ah, were necessary to face to me this concept not by hearsay. We were frightened with the husband then for the daughter very strongly. To the enemy you will not wish to test it...

Spasms at the daughter happened at two o`clock in the morning, I woke up from strange sounds which she began to publish. Ran up to a bed - took on hands, and the daughter became soft all and began to hiccup often - often, eyes were poluzakryta...

We called an ambulance, the car arrived in 15 minutes, the daughter already recovered, began to shout. The doctor of the ambulance of minutes 10 could not define what there was an attack from, then, having given the girl a febrifugal injection and having told us the diagnosis “quinsy“, ordered to be going to me to hospital...

Having arrived to hospital, I with the daughter on hands stayed there in a reception almost 2 hours, expecting when we are issued, at last.

Having examined the daughter, the doctor began to fill some papers, at the same time having told that there are no places in chamber, and us will put in a corridor. It was a last straw - I reported that in hospital we will not remain and we will leave home. Then the doctor began to frighten me that there can be repeated attacks, etc. decided to remain

Ya. But, having risen by the necessary floor and having approached a rack of the duty nurse, I regretted about the decision. The nurse unwillingly rose from a couch on which slept, muttered: “That all of you - that are ill at night“, - and started over again us making out. However its phrase “Till the morning I will not do any procedures to you!“ finished me finally. What sense was to remain in hospital if anything was going to be done to us?? I literally escaped from there. Wrote the receipt that I refuse treatment of the daughter, and left by a taxi home.

The daughter all this time constantly shivered, but temperature already began to fall down - the injection which was given by the doctor of the ambulance worked. Houses I called our district doctor - the pediatrician. She came, examined the girl and told that it has no quinsy, just cold. Wrote out drugs … And if we remained in hospital, it is not known yet that would be picked up there as the office was infectious … to us “febrilny spasms“ made to

In hospital the diagnosis. As I heard this concept for the first time, decided to learn on the Internet what is it. I share this information with you.

As a rule, febrilny spasms arise at children aged from 6 months till 5-7 years. There are they against very fast temperature increase of a body. Arise without any harbingers, their main reason - sharp jump of temperature from normal (36,6 °C) and to 40-41 °C.

At febrilny spasms the kid can quickly begin - to hiccup quickly, his eyes can be widely opened, a look at the same time - “glass“. Sometimes eyes are rolled up, the child does not react on people around, loss of consciousness, the body which became soft is possible.

Febrilny spasms can last from 5 to 15 minutes. As soon as they stop, the kid recovers and can even begin to cry. As spasms arise from - for high temperature, it is quite probable that the child will shiver, and his handles and legs will become cold. In this case the kid needs to put on socks and to take him on hands, having turned in a warm diaper.

It is also possible to call an ambulance car - doctors will give a febrifugal injection as usual drugs at high temperature (over 39,5 °C) can not work.

How to prevent (to prevent) approach of febrilny spasms? Watch the kid - if to the child it nezdorovitsya, then he usually is not interested in toys, turns away from food, is capricious … Measure to the kid temperature. If the thermometer shows over 37,5 °C, give febrifugal or call the pediatrician.

The teething, stomatitis, cold and many other things is all this can become the reason of sharp temperature increase at children. Therefore do not neglect everything, and at the first signs of an indisposition at your child try to take measures for their elimination.