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How to iron out a wedding dress and a veil?

Many brides ask this question. Especially if the wedding dress has to be put in order independently, without the aid of professionals. Sometimes it is not required to apply special efforts, but it only if dress fabric - crease-resistant.

As a rule, in wedding salons all dresses before exposure to sale bring “into a trade dress“. Because all beauty of a dress can be seen only in the ironed-out its look.

So how to iron out a wedding dress / veil in house conditions? There are many ways of reduction of a wedding dress in the appropriate look. For example, it is possible to use such ways:

1. To take a veil / dress over steam. In some wedding salons there are special steam generators thanks to which the dress with little effort gets the corresponding form.

In house conditions many brides resort to the help of a bathroom: pour hot water in a bathtub and hang up a dress over it. From damp air fabric is humidified, finishes and is gradually smoothed. But there are several minuses: in - the first, the dress can fall in water, in - the second, the pastes and spangles pasted to a dress can come unstuck; well, and in - the third - this way are not enough for some fabrics from which the wedding dress is sewed.

Wishing to straighten a veil, many resort to the help of pans with the boiling water. In this case from too hot steam in a veil the hole can be formed, or fabric will shrink. Therefore it is necessary to use the above described “house“ ways carefully.

2. Use of the iron and special fabric (or gauze). For some reason brides are afraid to take the iron in hand if it is necessary most to iron out a wedding dress. Actually in it there is nothing terrible. It is necessary just to remember the small rule: dress / veil always should be ironed through special fabric (or a gauze). If not to use any laying, then it is possible to damage the order easily. Now in shops special fabric through which any fabrics are easily ironed is on sale. However if you have no such fabric, do not worry, it is possible to use also a usual gauze.

Now in more detail how to iron out a dress by means of the iron. It is desirable that at the same time there was someone who will be able to help you to support a dress. At a dress proutyuzhivaniye with very magnificent skirts, with a set of various fabrics, draperies and layers it is very difficult not to rumple just ironed out part therefore the assistant is necessary that to hold it, to turn and straighten.

It is desirable to iron at not really hot mode (on an edinichka, at most - on the two). Steam is not recommended to use, sometimes it is possible, but only weak. If you see that without steam fabric is not ironed in any way, it is possible to include at first on the most delicate mode, and there to look by results. The dry gauze needs to be put in two - three layers, to put on fabric of a dress and to walk on it the iron. It is recommended to try at first somewhere on the imperceptible place and if all Ok, then thus it is possible to iron all dress safely.

However it is necessary to consider the fact that the dress consists of several fabrics therefore the mode of the iron should be adjusted under each concrete fabric. For example, the atlas can be ironed on “two“ about the ferry, and here organza - it is desirable on “unit“ and without steam (at the same time, without forgetting always to use a gauze!) .

The same concerns also a veil ironing. At first try to iron its edge (tip) through a gauze and if material is ironed normally, it is possible to iron out thus it all.

Of course, the best option will be to agree with wedding salon where you buy a dress that there it was ironed out / steamed. In some salons this service is provided free of charge, and in some - for the unlimited sum of money.

But anyway you should not miss and such important moment - a dress all of you will equally incur (will carry) home, and on the road it can be rumpled. So, it is necessary “to lick it into shape“ independently. Though sometimes rather just to hang up a dress on a hanger under a ceiling that it otvisetsya.

As you can see, there is nothing terrible in such, apparently, difficult business as an ironing of a wedding dress. Correctly the proverb speaks: “Eyes are afraid, and hands do“. However as a last resort there is always a choice, and it is possible to entrust this business to professionals of the wedding industry.

Good luck!