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How to wedding salon to survive during “not a season“?

for anybody not a secret that wedding salons receive the lion`s share of the income in the veseena - the summer period when the number of weddings increases.

Approximately from May to September inclusive brides study wedding salons in search of a wedding dress. Beginning since October the wedding boom comes to the end, and brides in wedding salons become rare guests.

In this regard before owners of wedding salons there is a question: “How to survive these interseasonal months to the next wedding boom?“. Several ideas which will help wedding salons to remain “afloat“ in the industry of the wedding market during “not a season“ are given in this article.

The most widespread way not to lose profit is to dilute the range of wedding dresses with evening dresses. Quite often this type of goods helps to increase very effectively monetary receipts in cash desk of salon. It is connected with the fact that evening dresses are in special demand before such holidays as New year, on March 8, graduation parties at schools. In addition, there are birthdays, anniversaries of weddings, and other festive actions. One more plus is here that evening dresses to themselves look after not only schoolgirls and “marriageable girls“, but also their mothers with grandmothers, so, the circle of buyers considerably extends.

Besides, it is possible to dress up not only brides, their mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, but also little women of fashion. It is about elegant dresses for girls. Children`s dresses, of course, buy not so often as adult dresses, but, nevertheless, they bring “kopek“ too, and, as we know, “Take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves!“.

Wedding fur coats and pelerines are in great demand in cold weather. It is possible not only to sell them, but also to hand over in hire.

There is one more good way to increase sales is to have the big range of goods. Ideally, in salon there have to be dresses of various sizes and flowers, and especially, it is necessary to keep in a stock “running“ models, that is, those which are in the greatest demand for buyers. What more in salon will be dresses of various styles and flowers, subjects a high probability that it will be able to please practically each buyer.

Also, it is recommended besides dresses, to sell also various accessories - veils, gloves, podjyubnik, handbags, costume jewelry, wedding polygraphy, etc. Very often buyers come to salon not only behind a dress, but also behind some accessory or wedding attribute (behind a saltcellar, a bench hammer, ornament to the car, etc.) .

If the salon has no opportunity to buy at once a big consignment of goods, then it is always possible to agree with the supplier that it provided to salon the goods under realization. It means that it will be possible to pay for dresses in process of their sale. However, not all suppliers go on such step, risky for them. At first, the salon needs to prove from a positive side, to show to the supplier that it is a solvent partner. If effective cooperation as, and for the supplier (regular monetary receipts from salon), then the supplier without excess questions provides for salon (the goods of the supplier are in demand) to salon the goods on realization.

Now we will talk about advertizing of wedding salon. To minimize expenditure for advertizing, it is possible to use inexpensive, but not less effective, ways.

In - the first, it is necessary to inform on himself on the Internet. For this purpose it is possible to create the website which will tell your potential buyers about what range is available in your salon what services it provides. Minus is here that it is necessary “to be enclosed“ in creation of the website and its promotion at first. However, if you master site building, then will be able to make the website, so, and will save money.

Besides the website, you can tell about the salon on others a web - resources - for this purpose there are various wedding catalogs. Also, it is possible to use various social networks - “VKontakte“, “Schoolmates“, etc., having created the groups devoted to your salon there.

Besides, it is not forbidden to get the blog, for example, on mail. ru or Yandex where you will be able to tell other users about the wedding salon.

In - the second, it is necessary to think of how to inform that part of the population of the city which does not use the Internet. For this purpose many use such way of advertizing as distribution of leaflets with information on salon. It is not difficult to distribute such leaflets - to scatter them on mailboxes of residents of your city enough. Well, and it is simpler to make them and - create that on the computer and unpack on color paper.

Of course, there are also more expensive ways of advertizing - the publication in wedding magazines, placement of information on billboards, videos in supermarkets and on TV, and also, creation and start of commercials on radio.

Choose the most convenient for you a way and dare! The main thing, remember - various stocks and discounts especially well attract buyers, see off them more often - and there will be to you happiness!