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Whether it is worth ordering wedding dresses in China?

Yes, an urgent problem, especially often it arises at beginners - that is those who only plan to open wedding salon. Why, actually, there is this question?

It is all about the price. The Chinese suppliers / producers offer you smart dresses for “ridiculous“ money - from $100. And our many compatriots on it are tempted, do the order, pay it, look forward a parcel (the date of performance of the order can make from five to 14 weeks), the dress comes …, but, alas and ah, at all not what it was would like to be seen. It meets quite often … to Find

in China factory which really qualitatively sews, very difficult. But it is possible. As they say: “Who looks for, that will always find!“ I can tell

From the experience that China to China discord. Somehow to us in salon one bride brought a dress on an otparivaniye which she ordered in China - quality excellent, and the price - only $200. As the bride lived some time in America, she told that there all carry the Chinese things, but quality - super, and that China that is delivered to Russia, and close did not stand near “the American China“.

Therefore to find qualitative dresses “on ridiculous“ in China everything - is possible for the prices.

I will give several advice concerning that, what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of the supplier to :

1. At the first order never order more than one dress! So you will save not only time, but also money. In case send you, sorry for frankness, shit, it will be not so a pity for the spent money and time.

In - the first, you do not know yet, the dress, and in - the second will be how qualitatively sewed, than it is more than dresses in your parcel, especially it will draw close attention of employees of customs to itself. If you exceed the limit allowed for transportation (today it is 1000 euros and the weight of a parcel should not exceed 31 kg) - you should pay the customs duty. In - the third, you do not know yet how many you will sew one a dress and as long it to you will go.

2. Be not too lazy to look for comments on the supplier who attracted to you. They without effort can be found at forums of the corresponding subject.

3. The best (and safe) the way to find really standing producer is to glance on the Internet - auctions. For example, the most known such auction - ebay. com. I will explain why it is the most successful option. In - the first, thanks to auction the probability that you will be deceived (will receive money and will disappear) is less - there is a function on a refund and presentation of claims to the unfair seller. In - the second, each seller has a rating and responses of real buyers who will most clearly tell you whether it is worth cooperating with this seller. In - the third, each seller (if he, of course, does not pursue the aim to deceive the buyer) values the rating and therefore tries to sell only qualitative goods.

So if you want to fill up the wedding salon with the range of wedding dresses of the Chinese production, look for and do not despair of a failure case. I will repeat - who looks for, that will always find that it is necessary!