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Whether it is worth opening wedding salon?

This article “removes pink glasses“ also help to look at this sphere of business from not the most attractive party. The speech here will go not about a top of “iceberg“ (i.e. about salon per se), and about its underwater contents - the negative moments.

Only do not think that it I want to frighten / dissuade all those who made up the mind to such serious step as opening of wedding salon. By no means. This article, on the contrary, will help to think over more rationally further business strategy, and you already more clearly will be able to determine for yourself, whether “by teeth“ to you this field of activity.

Well, we go to swimming on the ocean of the wedding industry. But before it is worth checking / rechecking / counting several times everything, also not superfluous will be to stock up with “lifeboats“ (spare options) on a case of “a ship sinking“. Here just “in a subject“ there will be an expression “As the ship will be called, so it also will float“. It I to the fact that the name of salon should be chosen elaborately, but not from a bay - a barakhta.

Besides, many beginning businessmen (business - vumen) persistently do not want to notice that this type of business is very specific, and think that they - that precisely will have a smooth swimming and without storms. But it is worth remembering that if “to close“ eyes and it is possible to dive into this business “blindly“ and not to come up back.

So, I will begin with essential...


If you expect to spend initially for this sphere of business a certain sum of money, then is forced to afflict you - it is required to you exactly twice more. And the more will be investments, the more this sum will double - contingencies still nobody cancelled + obligatory monthly assignments.

Here we will also talk about obligatory expenses in more detail.

Taxes . About them for some reason remember in the last turn, and in vain! It is necessary to pay them if not monthly, then it is quarterly unambiguous. You have no half-trouble - if staff and you work both for the cleaner, and for the seller, and for the accountant, and for the director. If you have at least one employee - know: the tax should be paid for it, plus you should report without fail, together with reports on conducting your business, also for the worker in various funds (pension, social, etc.) not to mention FTS (Federal Tax Service).

At this type of business the main field of activity - retail trade and therefore at the moment it falls under such system of the taxation as ENVD - the Uniform Tax on Imputed Income. That is, besides a rent (the cost of rent of subjects is higher, than more you rent square meters), you will pay still a tax for each rented square meter . Respectively, the there are more meters in rent - the tax is higher. Though our legislation allows still the simplified system of the taxation for this business, but only in case you rent more than 100 - 150 sq.m. And, believe, for beginners to rent 100 squares is an inevitable crash of business in the first two months as you will open. The exception, of course, makes a bottomless purse - if you are able monthly to dare to count for arendu100 000 rubles (at least, more or less passable place is taken into account) and + on a tax almost as much - that a more power to you …

Rent . Remember: does not concern the lessor whether you had sales and whether you will be able to pay the next month of rent - for it the main thing that you transferred it money for the occupied room in time. There is no money - respectively, you will ask to release the room (it at best, in the worst - % still will force to pay for a rent delay).

Salary to employees . For primitive “Thanks!“ for you to work hardly anyone - that will be and therefore monthly it will be necessary to pay to the subordinates a salary, otherwise you should work “for seven“ and at such approach you for a long time will not last.

We pass to more interesting moments: suppliers and range. Suppliers

Be ready to the fact that, having even signed the contract for possession of an exclusive right to present to

goods of a concrete trademark, the supplier can terminate and “take away“ it from you this right. The reason for this purpose will serve the most banal - violation of terms of the contract, namely - if you are not able to make payment of the next order during time period stipulated in the contract, the supplier will look for others, solvent, representatives.

As for suppliers to find good it is quite difficult. Under “good“ it is meant that the supplier will always be able quickly to collect / make your order and to send it in your direction + the corresponding quality of goods.

It is also worth considering the fact that many operating wedding salons already cooperate with many firms and therefore you should look for something brand new.


Wedding dresses. you Receive them absolutely brand new and clean, but in the course of fittings many models become already fairly shabby and gray. And it means that it is necessary or to clean / erase them, or to reduce the price. What again “will strike“ a purse and will force you to fork up (not to mention small repair - to replace a shabby loop, to darn a hole on a hem from a heel, etc.) . From this follows that needs to be had in a stock as dresses - samples (for fitting), and new whom not measured. But, besides, on each model of a dress 200 dollars are necessary on average and if to buy them on couple, then money it will be required loads again, it is necessary to have in assortment of a dress of various styles, flowers and the sizes.

Accessories : the veil, gloves, costume jewelry, goods for a wedding - on all this are required money, but not the fact that these goods at you will quickly buy up. Gloves from continuous fittings stretch and soiled, veils are rumpled and from them sometimes fly away badly pasted paillettes and bugles, the costume jewelry darkens … It is possible to list indefinitely. the Competition

Be ready

that competitors will watch and repeat all your innovations after you. Once you think up something new, to enter some new service - competitors here at once boldly will copy everything for you and will not even tell thanks. Besides, will arrange it so as if they thought up this innovation and only they have this service.


I Think, you should not explain that at the current competition for the salon which especially only opened each client “worth its weight in gold“. And therefore be going to transfer courageously various whims and tricks of brides. Happen, of course, the understanding and very wise brides - will not waste either the, or your time, measuring a dress for the sake of “Simply to look as the fasonchik sits! “ And there are such “shots“ (otherwise and you will not call) that will come, peremeryat nearly all range, will elicit at you a discount, will ask to postpone the pleasant dress, will assure you that tomorrow directly since morning will come and will redeem it, and … vanish … No comments...

Other problem - how to attract buyers in salon? To give advertizing? Yes, it is quite effective way to declare the salon, but very expensive therefore be going to allocate for advertizing of salon the unlimited sum of money monthly.

Naturally, in one article about everything you will not tell, but, I think until there drops down also this “tar spoons“. Perhaps, article turned out a little chaotically written, but at all theories - all from personal experience and only the truth.