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What it is possible to be engaged in a stopper in?

Answer honestly a question: where the huge part of your time leaves? Of course, it is spent for traffic jams! All of us are busy persons - who studies who works who visits fintes - clubs and so forth - and all of us use transport. Therefore the majority of us during the day moves from one point of the city in another. to

Sometimes it happens that everything with transport is normal, and you quietly go on affairs, happens, even sitting. But there comes rush hour: the public transport costs, having clamped the numerous number of people in the compartment. Cars wait for an opportunity to squeeze into the formed cracks. Radio broadcasts each five minutes commercials, trying to force us to buy the next laundry detergent without which it is just impossible to live further In a word, melancholy.

Let`s think, than it is possible to be engaged in rush hour? What a pity absolutely dullly to leave such precious time in our life! Therefore we will try to dilute this melancholy with something useful, cheerful or just pleasant as a hobby.

In - the first , it is possible to listen to audiobooks, so often we lack time to open long ago postponed for reading. And in the world there are a lot of interesting books! And the majority of them wait for the hour not one year. Personally I have the whole list. And thanks to listening - and time is not wasted, and learn a lot of new and interesting. As alternative to audiobooks podcasts can act (audio recordings on the Internet of various genre - the comic program, scientifically - informative, etc.) : just throw on the USB stick or in a player the subjects interesting you and listen. Useful occupation.

In - the second , it is possible to put music which creates good mood. Those songs which are associated with perfectly carried out in the evening or with close people, depending on your preferences and a spirit.

In - the third , sometimes silence - our best satellite. As often we forget behind vanity of everyday life that such relaxation. It is possible just to listen to silence, to philosophize, consider events of day or to construct plans. However if you drive at this time, do not distract so at all to forget about the location. Be vigilant.

In - the fourth , it is possible to do exercises for development of thinking. It is very useful thing, peculiar charging for mind. I will give several examples:

1. Try to overturn words back to front. The word cat - , dog - etc. When it begins to turn out with short words, it is possible to pass to longer.

2. Put numbers in mind. Since two-place, it is possible to reach to four-digit, the main thing - to practise constantly. By the way, it is possible to try and read, both to divide and to multiply.

3. Think out three words beginning on this letter on each letter of the alphabet. For example, And - an azalea, aroma, orange; B - the grandmother, the bachelor, gloss It is possible to complicate this exercise - to think out words on one subject. Let`s say subject fruit. And - orange, B - banana, In - grapes etc. Still it is possible to think out words thus: on a letter A we think out the word an apricot, then the author, then aggression. I.e. every second letter has to follow the alphabet too.

Thus and time will pass quickly, and will be engaged in interesting business, and the advantage will be. Do not spend time for nothing!