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How to decorate the body? Piercing of

Art of piercing came to us from antiquity. Still the Roman legionaries did holes in nipples to pin a raincoat to a fastener, escaping from the sun. Indians pierced ears, lips, skin on a breast and a back to show the courage. Egyptians did piercing in a navel, showing thereby the belonging to the Pharaoh`s family.

In imperial Russia sailors wore earrings in ears - the distinction saying that the sailor crossed the equator. And the British prince Albert invented a ringlet for a penis to pin it to one of trouser-legs - and all for the sake of fashion on the fitting breeches!

Where can do piercing?

to Piercing practically any part of a body is exposed to

. Most often pierce ears, and holes do not only on a lobe, but also on an ear edge. The quantity of ear rings is most often asymmetrical: on one ear there can be one hole, and on another - three and more.

Also often do piercing in an eyebrow (in a puncture pass a bar with balls on the ends), in a nose (use the special screw fixing two peaks or a ring), in cheeks and lips (decorate with Labrett`s carnations equipped with flat locks which external tip can be issued in the form of a ball or peaks), and also in language (pass a bar).

Usually refer piercing of a navel (ornament has to hang in a navel pole) to erotic piercing, nipples (most often in a hole have horizontally a ringlet with a ball) and genitals.

of the Precautionary measure:

After a puncture the hole can bleed, swell and inflame. And piercing of language sometimes causes hypostasis of a throat and language, complicating breath, breaks diction and leads to a putrefactive infection or cracks in enamel.

Piercing on a hungry stomach can lead to a faint. Besides before procedure it is necessary to be adjusted and relax easier to transfer painful feelings.

Piercing needs to be done only in the licensed salon. Piercing in house conditions can lead to long healing of a wound or the wrong puncture, and badly disinfected tools can cause an infection. Wiping by alcohol does not kill all bacteria therefore sterilization is necessary at a temperature of 180 degrees within two hours.

Jewelry of cheap metals sometimes causes an allergy therefore it is the best of all to use gold, platinum or the titan. Ornament can be replaced after healing of the place of a puncture.

After a puncture a hole needs to be processed disinfecting solution several times a day and so before full healing.

If piercing is made on a body, it is impossible to wear the fitting clothes until the wound begins to live therefore it is the best of all to do a puncture in the spring or in the early summer, yet it is not necessary to wear a lot of clothes.

After a puncture within 2 - 3 weeks needs to watch the diet - there are products containing more than vitamin C and zinc.

of Contraindication . It is impossible to do piercing at infectious or skin diseases and high temperature, sick diabetes and to people with bad coagulability of blood. The puncture of nipples is undesirable to girls before pregnancy (it will be impossible to feed the newborn child).