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How “to include“ in itself the actor, acting publicly?

the Phrase “public speech“, at first sight, do not need the explanation. Public - from Latin publicus - means open, public. That is everyone who handles arguments or just with the story to society from 3 - x the person and more, actually delivers a public speech.

It both the pupil answering a lesson to a class, and the junior manager who is carrying out “short meeting“ with the 3 - 4 subordinated, and the skilled mentor providing training for 3000 consultants of MLM - the company, and any leader of a webinar on the Internet.

Significantly as important at performance it is possible to consider such aspects:

- ability is competent to build the speech to inform of thought, to motivate to act;
- ability to light audience the idea;
- ability to keep attention, transferring power and emotion;
- possession of registers of a voice and intonations of the speech.

Imagine that the actor has to have these and other skills. Any speaker, acts he from a scene, from a tribune, at a round table or says a toast, has to “include“ in himself the actor. It is known that “Life - theater, and people in it actors“!

There are no abilities? And to tell by phone to the chief: “I just am engaged in it closely and I already finish!“ - at the same time without leaving a computer game? Or to intimidate the capricious child a babayka so what the kid at once screws up eyes? For this purpose there are enough abilities?

And you know why in life the actor very easily “joins“, and when pronouncing there is no speech?

Here we will address word sources. “Actor“ (Latin of actor) came from the Latin root agere that means - to work, move, that is this is the person moving forward action of a performance. The public statement can quite be considered as mono - a performance. So, through it it is necessary to carry by action, to achieve from the listener of a certain reaction.

Let`s remember our teachers: whose lessons were pleasant to us? Those who stated material, or those who turned lessons into action, involving in it pupils: using visual aids, telling had by the way a story - “including“ in itself the actor, causing emotions? And what at the same time was better acquired and remembered?

Visual material, analogies and comparisons, impregnations of humour or the stories forcing to empathize questions and answers, undoubtedly, help to come into contact with audience.

If you at the same time also skillfully built the speech, precisely knowing what you want to achieve, - that unambiguously live action will take place. Such public speech will bring both satisfaction to the speaker, and advantage to the audience, listeners. However both material, and visual support, and even jokes - it is necessary to prepare jokes carefully, and in advance, but not at the last minute.

As we speak about an aktyorstvo, and the tool of the actor is he, it is necessary to prepare also itself - darling:
- the psychological state - that mood remained good that the fear did not hold down that there was only an easy nervousness and adrenaline in blood;
- the physical wellbeing allowing to share energy;
- appearance, or, better to say, shape, an image;
- well, and a voice that sounded, without leaving listeners indifferent.

But if you are not sure of yourself, then it is necessary to learn, practise - and public statements will begin to give you pleasure.