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What to be engaged on the beach in? Water aerobics of

Most of people, getting at the sea, only also does that sunbathes and floats. However it is possible to spend this time with bigger advantage and as a hobby, and for a body. So, than it is possible to be engaged on the beach? Be engaged in

in water aerobics - it is known that water has salutary effect on a human body. It not only feeds cells of our body with water, but also helps to remove harmful substances which collect in a body, arriving together with food. Besides it weakens, the organism refreshes and calms.

The main thing, you remember: the result is possible if occupations are regular, with consecutive increase in loading, with equal and deep breath. Be not engaged before strong heartbeat or turbidity in eyes. Right after food, on an empty stomach you should not be engaged in water aerobics - it is harmful and ineffective.

Before starting water aerobics, it is necessary to warm up a body a little. For this purpose run about on the coast a little. Then swim for a while in water within 15 minutes and make the same after occupation water aerobics. Repeat all exercises 8-10 times and do not forget to breathe evenly.

Exercise 1. Begin with run. Enter water up to a breast, move hands, as at run on a usual path. Raise legs above and put densely, on all foot. 5 minutes of run - and then start water gymnastics.

Exercise 2. Put legs on width of shoulders, incline the case forward, hands freely touch a bottom. Now turn a body to the right - to the left, without bending knees. Hands have to do strong waves, straining muscles from shoulders to a brush, and the head turns towards a hand which goes up.

Exercise 3. Get up on the left knee, and put palms on right. Incline the case to the right, touch by fingers of the right hand the left heel. Too turn the head and look at a heel. Return to a starting position. Do exercise in other party.

Exercise 4. Extend the right hand before yourself, and put the left leg crosswise before right. Now transfer the right hand aside and transfer at the same time left leg to the left as it is possible above. Get up directly. Do exercise with the left hand and the right leg.

Exercise 5. Standing in water, raise the leg straightened in a knee forward. Then take away a leg back, and extend hands forward. Try to hold on in such situation as long as possible.

Exercise 6. Get up directly. Make jumps on the place on two legs, and then on one. Do exercise within 15-20 seconds.

Besides water aerobics, you can have a good time, getting desired forms, by means of outdoor games. Many beaches are equipped with a grid where it is possible to play volleyball free of charge. Game in badminton will become also good training and if you arrived to the beach with a canine friend - leave to a frisbee doggie.

On the beach it is possible to rent the boat or a catamaran and to dive far away from the coast. Driving on a hydrocycle, banana or a tablet can lighten mood. A water ski, windsurfing, kitesurfing perfectly will be suitable for thrill-seekers (sliding on water with a kite), weeds on the airplane, a hang-glider, occupations by diving.

If you arrived to the sea with children, then an excellent exit - visit of an aquapark, all family will receive the sea of positive emotions.