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How to get rid of perspiration of legs?

Perspiration of legs are caused by an unpleasant smell which can spoil mood not only to you, but also surrounding people. To get rid of this annoying problem, try to take the following advice.

1. Surely wash legs with antibacterial soap twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Carefully dry up them a towel. Hygiene is the main condition for prevention of perspiration of legs. It is also possible to wash out legs potassium permanganate. It allows to eliminate an unpleasant smell too.

2. Use a special deodorant with antibacterial and antifungal substances. Instead of this preparation it is possible to use an antiperspirant, talc or children`s powder. Also excellent means from perspiration of legs - creams or gels with menthol and camphor.

3. Daily change socks, stockings and tights. All these things have to be obligatory pure. By the way, you should not carry products from synthetic fabrics therefore buy only natural materials.

4. Attentively study the footwear. At such problem you should give preference to the footwear passing air. Do not forget to clean and wash also regularly footwear both outside, and inside. Change insoles at least once in a month. Removing footwear, put in it sacks with fragrant cedar or juniper shavings or packings with zeolite.

5. Special trays for legs will help to solve a perspiration problem. Just prepare special broth, add to a basin with water and let`s legs have a rest in water of 15 - 20 minutes. For one tray 2 tablespoons of mix on 3 l of water there are enough. Let`s provide several good recipes with medicative herbs.

Fill in 3 tablespoons of leaves of a sage with two glasses of boiled water and leave to be drawn before cooling.

Fill 3 tablespoons of dry oak bark in capacity and dilute with three glasses of boiled water. Draw mix within 2 - 3 minutes.

fill in 4 tablespoons of istolchenny leaves of a horsetail with 4 glasses of boiled water, let`s be drawn within 5 minutes.

For preparation of trays can use also linen seed, tea leaves of strong black tea, sea salt, lemon crusts, honey, leaves of a dogrose, a St. John`s Wort, mint, a linden, a nettle or other herbs.

6. It is possible to overcome perspiration by means of wiping of toes. For this purpose use the vinegar solution (divorced in water in the ratio 1 to 5), 20% solution of chloride of aluminum or powder of boric acid. Just you apply these substances on area between fingers and a foot.

7. One more means from perspiration of legs can be used for the night. Put bark of an oak or leaves of some medicinal grass, istolchenny in powder, in socks and you sleep in them. Also you can rub several drops of lavender oil in feet and put on clean cotton socks for the night.

You can apply all these ways both in total, and separately. Choose for yourself suitable options and start treatment. If you are not helped by these councils, then it is necessary to see a doctor as the increased perspiration of legs can speak about a serious infection.