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How to treat solar burns by means of traditional medicine?

the Swimming season began, and here on the beach it is already possible to notice people with the reddened and burned skin. You should not wait until you have too solar burns which will cause you unpleasant and painful feelings. Traditional medicine thought up a set of ways of fight about developing of burns. For a start let`s be defined by

, as can prevent emergence of solar burns .

In this case we can be helped by a crude yolk . Grease with it a face and a body and when the yolk dries, wash away it water with soap. Such nutritious mask was applied long since by those who spent on the open sun much time.

For prevention of solar burns it is possible to apply during suntan on a body peach oil . It will help to reduce risk of receiving burns, besides will protect skin from excessive drying.

Now let`s look at means which will help those who already managed to get solar burns . The main thing, do not panic and do not suffer from pain. On this case traditional medicine also thought up several useful recipes.

Wetting of skin broth of a peppermint and melissa belongs to first aid at a solar burn . For strengthening of effect it is possible to add to it several drops of oil of a tea tree . It will allow not only to disinfect skin, but also to cool it that will facilitate your health.

You can process also damaged site of skin aloe juice or other cooling substance. It not only will kill your pain, but also will help to prevent inflammatory processes. Prepare such means: dissolve juice of an aloe in boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Moisten napkins in this solution and impose on the burned skin each 5 - 10 minutes within an hour. Repeat procedure 2 - 3 times a day.

The most popular recipe against solar burns - a compress from dairy products : kefir, curdled milk, sour cream, cream or milk. These products will kill pain and will help to cope with an itch. For example, mix 1 part of milk with 4 parts of water and add several pieces of ice to structure. Do such compresses every 2 - 3 hour. Also it will be useful to put mix of 1 tablespoon of curdled milk or kefir with 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a fresh burn, and from above to put cellophane and to bandage.

One more fine folk remedy are potatoes . It can be put to the burned skin sites in a crude or boiled look. For example, wipe crude potatoes on a grater and you apply it on the burned skin sites for 15 minutes, then wash away. Or cook potatoes in a peel, clear and shake up in the blender with sour cream. Apply on the burned skin for half an hour, then wash away.

One more option of “potato treatment“: by means of potato starch . Slightly powder with it the burned skin several times a day. Skin will quickly be restored and will calm down. It is possible to dissolve also starch in water and to put to skin as a compress.

can treat a solar burn grass compresses . They allow to cool, humidify and reduce pain, accelerating healing of the burned skin. It is possible to prepare camomile infusion, a clover meadow, a dogrose fragrant, mother - and - stepmothers, elder, a calendula, bark of an oak, a train or a lavender. The principle of preparation of these compresses is almost identical. For example, take 1 tablespoon of a dry grass of leaves and flowers of a St. John`s Wort, fill in them with a glass of boiled water and let`s be drawn within half an hour. Then filter through a gauze and use as a compress to the place of a burn. The gauze napkin put in 6 - 8 layers will be suitable for a compress. It should be dipped into infusion and for 15 minutes to put to a sore point. Procedure should be repeated within one and a half hours with the subsequent three-hour rest during which it is necessary to moisten skin by means of cream, for example, of children`s. Continue to do compresses within 2 - 3 days before disappearance of signs of an acute inflammation.

Other products perfectly help with fight against solar burns also. It is possible to use for this purpose leaves of fermented or fresh cabbage . Just put them to the burned parts of a body, having atop wrapped up fabric. In just the same way it is possible to use fresh leaves of a plantain, a lettuce, pulp of pumpkin (or gruel from pumpkin).

If at you too much skin is affected with solar burns, then you can take a bath with cold water and 150 ml of vinegar . After such procedure you should not wipe yourself a towel, better accurately drain a body soft fabric or let`s a body dry independently.

Besides drawing compresses, ointments or cream do not forget to use as much as possible liquid. As solar burns weaken an organism, it quickly begins to lose moisture. It is the best of all to drink green tea, mineral water or garnet juice . By the way, garnet juice is fine antioxidant, helps to fight with free radicals, is a resolvent and helps to cope with consequences of solar burns quicker. Also eat more vitamins, for example, fruit and vegetables in which there are vitamins E and With . It will allow to recover quicker after a solar burn, having filled the elements lacking for an organism.

So, now you are armed with councils for the prevention and treatment of solar burns. Before an exit to the sun always use sunblock creams. Only people with very swarty or dark skin have an opportunity to be quietly under direct sunshine throughout the day. Know, the your skin is lighter, the it is subject to bigger threat. Therefore always prevent emergence of solar burns by means of sunblock creams or folk remedies.