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Belief, religiousness, religion - in what a difference?

Sooner or later any person begins to ask himself questions, such as: “Who do I am?“, “Why I?“, “That there?“, whether “There is God?“ etc., etc. Here it should be noted for the sake of justice that the strongest incentives to ask these questions the hospital, bag / ruin and prison are. But there is one more that can strongly force to be interested in this subject.

It is the developed human intelligence. With increase of intelligence human mind ceases to be satisfied with lack of information or primitive explanations. He wants to know (mind)!

There are a lot of millennia to prove a pettiness of the person, concepts, the wide of the mark, distorting perceptions and understanding of world around and themselves in it were inspired in people.

In particular, an identification of concepts mind and reason, belief and religion, the believing person and religious, planting of various dogmas, investment of belief and hope absolutely not with peculiar value belong to such suggestion: the pier, belief (especially faith in God) and hope is the main instruments of improvement of situations and their consequences.

Thank God (whom it is even simpler to thank?) languages still kept which - what distinctions in important concepts, in particular: in Russian mind - reason to trust - to believe. Mind as logical thinking, intelligence. Reason something bigger - correction of logic experience (and not only the, but also ancestors) and intuition. To trust is when the logic more or less easily adjusts the facts to desirable result. To believe is when very few facts, one desires. But agree - it is very much, very close concepts.

In German the difference of values the nobility in general (from books, from words) and the nobility on own experience still remained. Though the last means acquaintance already more and stronger. Only the knowledge gained on own experience gives the person strength. Foreign knowledge can prepare the person for receiving new experience, but also only. To believe (including in God) and to believe - in German in general one word! And this with the fact that exists on several words - the synonyms meaning other concepts or objects.


to Believe that life on Mars was, now it is very easy. It is already proved that there was water. Moreover channels. But to know about life on Mars, so far we did not see many remains or still what, obvious proofs, it is just impossible.

To believe that the neighbor will give the money borrowed at you in time, it is simple, especially, if he already did it.

To believe in God as easily how to trust in life on Mars or in return of money by the neighbor:

1) as there is a wish that someone solved for us all problems;

2) in us it is inspired by religions that It is;

3) each section of ours organizmakrichit that we something bigger, than what we see in a mirror.

But whether we can four-dimensional (the fourth - time) know that It is - to see, feel if in space (approve physics) 12 measurements?

At once I will tell that to approach understanding of God and the divine essence and to realize gradually, perhaps! It is only necessary to go beyond restrictions of four measurements, having expanded the consciousness and perception in meditation. And to realize is already to know! This knowledge from multidimensionality, that is why them it is so difficult to describe.

Understand at least, that belief in Martian life and faith in God, in fact, same! Belief not the tool of knowledge, not a power source! At best, incentive to knowledge. Strength is given by the steps (intention) taken often and under the influence of belief, but not belief .


Religious can be only the one who learned, realized Divine. But not that which only trusts. The believer cannot be religious. Unless Islamic fighters are religious? Unless cardinals - pedophiles are religious?

The believer will always doubt, from strongly believing it is possible to make fanatics (the fanaticism muffles doubts), it is easy for believer to manipulate. The believer is not free, he is attached by chains to the belief. Give freedom to the believer, even in literal sense, he will not know what with it to do! The religious person is free and at the same time will never break norm of morals. For the religious person of value: Love, Life, Will of any, Knowledge. The person who is not belonging to one religion can be the religious person.

The believer can become religious under certain conditions, and the person, the less believing becomes more religious.

The believing person and religious is not same!


Any religion were thought up by people. Yes, the brightened-up Teachers stood at the origins: Buddha, Moisey, Jesus, Mohammed. Their contemporaries - followers created religions which through one - two generations already became powerful tools for acquisition of the power and/or wealth. The bible obviously repeatedly was rewritten to please to governors. Here the little. You will believe that Jesus could tell “I came to you not with the world but with a sword, to punish sinners...“? I do not trust. Other sacred writing of other religions underwent less changes, but is treated is not less perverted.

The treatment of a selectness of Jews conducts to constant antagonism between Jews and other people. The treatment of jihad allows not reading the Koran to take the weapon in hand and to kill. The treatment of a karma forces to think of inevitability of destiny. The statement that the Christian - the Christian, humiliates human dignity and together with treatment of the words “turn other cheek“ convinces that it is necessary to submit to the powers that be.

All religions - business, that is why they it is still open or reserved are at war among themselves and seek to subordinate themselves as much as possible people.

The church can give first aid to the person of no character, but cure, make completely happy (to make religious) cannot, and here make by even more not free - easily.

Work of the competent priest is the same as work of the competent, but mercenary psychotherapist. Both that, and another seeks to put first of all - one parishioner, other patient - in dependence that he allows to manipulate them and to earn money!

Some believers who came to the temple (any concession) for the help or searching will be able to go further and to find God in themselves, but not in church. Give - that God!

Someone will tell that the prayer helps. Yes, helps. Not everyone, not always, but helps. The church knows about it, but does not reveal the true mechanism activities of prayers. I was in different temples, tserkva, in mosques, synagogues, datsans... Absolutely everywhere, but if there was no service, I felt clemency! As soon as the service began, clemency disappeared. If you are attentive, then without effort will notice a difference in feeling, in vibrations, being in the empty temple or during service.

Any religion - the intermediary between the person and God, and the nobility whether the intermediary tells the truth, arrives to you on advantage or only for the sake of the benefit - it is impossible! It is necessary only to trust and hope that the intermediary on your party also will not deceive.

For communication good luck the intermediary is not necessary!