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You want to open for yourself new and close exotic?

At most of Russians Azerbaijan are not associated with tourist paradise at all, and here for inhabitants of Europe and Asia it became the fallen in love town for a long time...

to See tremendous color and the extraordinary variety concentrated on so small plot of land, to go sightseeing in Azerbaijan and to get warm by the warm sea last year there arrived more than two million tourists from the different countries.

the Visa

A meanwhile, for Russians and most of inhabitants of the CIS the visa to visit of this country is not required. And it is undoubted plus to include rest in Azerbaijan in plans for holiday.

Weather, climate

Climate in this small country is in own way unique

- in Azerbaijan there are both ski resorts, and the beaches washed by the tender Caspian Sea which water temperature in coastal zones about 25 degrees - for five and more months!

Time difference

I behind this small paradise does not need to fly on other continent - advancing Moscow time of all for an hour, Azerbaijan borders on Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran.


Local currency - Azerbaijanian manat, about 41-42 rubles, that is about 1,27 dollars for 1 manat. Dollars are in broad informal use in the country.

What to visit

Besides the unique nature, the country is famous for the rich cultural heritage - from the basic that it is worth looking in Azerbaijan at, first of all it is possible to advise the sights concentrated in Baku. In general, the capital of Azerbaijan - one continuous sight in itself! The remained architectural constructions are built during almost millennium - from XI to the XIX centuries. The oldest - the mosque “Synykh - Gala“ built even in 1078-79!

In addition, in Baku there is the most beautiful embankment, the unique museum of carpets, the Baku zoo and extraordinary picturesque Iranian area. At distance about 70 kilometers from the capital it is located national the historian - the cultural reserve Kobystan (Gobustan) with well-known ancient petroglyphic to drawings. The reserve consists of unique caves, rocky fortresses, burial grounds located in the huge territory about 100 square kilometers.

Food, drinks

the Cuisine of Azerbaijan though has similarity to other cuisines of the Caucasus (for example, including such dishes as a shish kebab, pilaf, dolma, chanakh), however taste of the known foods considerably differs. At the expense of rich history the local cuisine saved up a huge number of unique recipes, combinations of spices and ways of preparation. Here both the most delicate meat and fish dishes, and water-ices, matchless sweets from fruit juice and cane sugar. Azerbaijan - just paradise for gourmets!

of Purchase, souvenirs

will not stand aside and fans of shopping. The main acquisition in this east country - of course, a carpet. Them here huge set: the Karabakh, Shirvan, Baku carpets - differ in patterns and features of color scale. The ceramics with a difficult list can become an excellent souvenir. For example, chirag - the oil lamp. There will not leave with light baggage fans of the jewelry produced here on special equipment. In addition, local masters are famous for carved products from a tree. And, of course, - the local silk quite unusual and qualitative.

The resorts of Azerbaijan become more and more popular for the Russian tourists, providing, besides beach, sports and excursion rest, also treatment on mineral sources, in salt caves, and, above all - treatment by unique naftalanovy medical oil which analogs in the world are not present.

Truly the nature generously presented Azerbaijan, having made it the unique and unforgettable vacation spot for every taste!