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Creativity. How to attract pack of muses?

the Nature of creativity is very simple: it is self-realization. Everyone wants to leave the mark in the history, and creation of objects of art - one of the best ways to make it.

on the other hand, any creator knows that such inspiration, a muse and a condition of total immersion in a stream. This stream is divine (universal, sexual, a prana, tsi - in different systems the different name, the same essence) energy which pryot (well, or flows) through all beings of all worlds of all planets. As soon as the person opens energy and ceases to control himself - he begins to create. Someone to remove the disturbing blocks, needs a dope - from here opinion that the artist for a tvorba needs drugs or alcohol. Someone creates in a condition of a wild depression - when it is not a shame any more and it is necessary to give vent to feelings. Someone, on the contrary, in a condition of happiness.

The motivation for attraction of pack of muses in the kitchen garden is the main aspect of self-realization of the person. If in people there was no personality (ego) what many spiritual seekers so selflessly dream of, then people could not create and create art masterpieces. This is explained by such model: energy flows through an empty vessel of the person without personality and follows from it, without refracting anywhere and without being late. It just goes and shines as the Kremlin star, and consists in it all his “creativity“. Fortunately, even the clarified people - not such, and this model - a spherical ideal in vacuum.

So, self-realization. From her point of view creativity is everything, even sweeping of the street or cutting out of pigs on the lathe. Even stupid craft - hundred pigs a day, hundred reports a week, ten thousand bidets curtailed by the Indian handles - too the type of creativity motivated with the lowest requirement of a physical survival. “Nothing that I did not draw Gioconda, but supported cheeseburgers a floor - Moscow“, - the cashier from McDonald`s will tell. “Nothing that I did not bring benefit to the Soviet science, but became the popular singer and made conceited to thousands of little girls“, - the unfortunate physicist will tell.

Each child dreams to become someone for now did not become yet, parents undertake him. And often everything is spoiled: the son drives a ball, and they force it to learn algebra. They do not know that their son - future Beckham. Or the daughter smartens up in front of the mirror, and they her are a nose in notes. And it grows the famous model. Parents are not guilty - once also spoiled them. However it is not so difficult to ask the child what creative rushes he enjoys and why hates others. And in the presence to the child of love - to encourage his personality.

On the other hand, sometimes geniuses grow up from the suppressed, asocial children - because they create contrary to parents, society, tradition. The movies, pictures, songs they throw down to the inhabitant a challenge: look how I am able! And you so are not able, the eternal slave to the lathe. Unrecognized geniuses are forced to drag hard destiny, but after death they can quite become classics, and the karma of their descendants will be easy and serene.

Any act of creation - always from imperfection and always attempt to bridle unity of the world. The most poor, most unfortunate, ugliest person can create masterpieces is his way to survive, passing basic requirements and erecting itself at once on pyramid top - it is realized spiritually, it has such mission. Sometimes it works, but most often the person falls back to the ground. Here it is waited or deep disappointment (then a depression and often a suicide), or by new happy life of the businessman or simple janitor.

And if creativity supports life - that it unambiguously is therapy - as for this purpose who creates, and for this purpose who enjoys created. Creating throws out energy in a form - without this emission he would go crazy. The consumer greedy absorbs in himself this energy from a form - and there is an empathy, a catharsis, participation to something fine, and the consumer is happy. And it is unimportant that he ate - a pop song or Verdi`s opera. It is possible to cry and laugh both from that, and from another.

And if creativity supports life - that it can be and has to be exchanged for money, as well as any work. Money - a criterion of the spent energy, efforts. Businessmen go on a concert and pay those who entertains them; those who entertain them will go to shop tomorrow and will buy production or service of the businessman. Such is harmonious circulation of things in society and to take out from it money under strange pretexts it seems “the inspiration is not on sale“ or “why to me these contemptible pieces of paper“ - it is at least unreasonable.

And here the question of an assessment of objects of creativity is, as they say, quite another thing. Well on what there is a demand is on sale. Therefore the loaf of bread will be bought always and everywhere, and necklaces with diamonds will buy once and forever. At the same time on the energy enclosed in its creation it will be equivalent to ten thousand loaves. In the market of art there are no unreal, overstated or cut prices - each subject is bought exactly for so many how many actually costs.

In end it is worth dispelling the myth about “disclosure of creative abilities“. Energy through us pryot every second. And if there are no verses today - perhaps, cutlets will turn out stunning. Try just other form. And all. If at all does not want to do it, and there is a wish to lie, idle and dream of an enlightenment - that, you are near from truth. Laziness is always a harbinger of big changes in life.

Comment of the expert. Elizabeth Balabanova, psychoanalyst:

“My clients often ask me why I suggest them “to remember the childhood“, to embroider, spin, draw, mold, to study to prepare or knit socks. Much these things seem not connected with psychological process at all, but actually creativity allows to open fully itself and to find internal harmony.

In depths of mentality of each person there is a mass of not expressed energiya: sexuality, aggression and many others. All of us try to put them into words, but it turns out not always. Unrealized energy, eventually, can break outside in serious frustration. Therefore I also recommend to each client to find creative activity to liking and not to be afraid to create: than the person was engaged, the embodiment of internal images in creative activity will help it to grow, get acquainted with own inner world with which today, unfortunately, not everyone is familiar. At last, creativity - a fine way to lift artificial limits and bans which prevent to move to own “I“. Dance, play musical instruments, draw pictures, you learn to bake pies - all this helps to return to itself, to get rid of experiences. Creative activity - our universal healer“.