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To whom and why it is necessary to drive women into a kitchen stall?

you did not notice that female articles (councils, posts, mailings etc.) on “how to equip a family“ - they always about what it is necessary to do to the woman that the family was good? And here articles and councils written for men - on the contrary, they always about what it is necessary to do to the woman that the family was good...

of Article go a stream, mailings bring down a cloud: that meaning of life of the woman in a family and a child-bearing that any man - a lazy and lewd goat, but it should be humoured (and that will leave). And at all huge volume of these councils (and there, both in mailings, and on the websites) - all councils and recommendations “how to behave“ are addressed only to women. “How to become one and only - we clean sacks under knees“ .

And infinite roulades and graces on the subject “marriage is a work, the family is a work, the love is work too, and that it will leave“. In 5 minutes there is a sincere wish to advise - to give already to it a kick and to have a rest...

Yes, forgot to mention that the same holder includes indispensable “mind of the woman in seeming the silly woman“, “and that he will be frightened and will leave!“ Well and the poshleyshy worn-out saying about the head and a neck. If the organism thinks a neck and will obey a neck, and the head obediently stares where the neck will turn - what to wait for good?

Similar articles with similar councils for men there is NO AND ANYWHERE. They do not exist. But! On a unique resource of Shkolazhizni. ru such is! Articles on a subject what to do to men. It is an unprecedented case! Here from 48 thousand articles 10 pieces are devoted to it articles, probably even. I saw. Any article about about what for women (both here, and everywhere) thousands and thousands are written: how to provide the world in a family how to keep love how to please the mother-in-law how to seduce the wife that she had no a bit on the side, and so forth.

And what there is? How to look after the person how to subdue any girl from the first appointment how stylishly to put on and how to make a dinner on March 8 (about other days the speech does not go). That is quite concrete things. And still - dissatisfied complaints:

“in marriage the man has to, has to, has to … Sometimes - it is obliged. From such wife there is a wish to run carelessly“ . The author writes about future (!) to the wife, also notice - article is called “What wives quickly bother the husbands?“ Saw? Did not marry yet, and already anticipates that the wife will bother it and that it what horror, something for a family will have to! Same it is impossible to take out!

One more article from ten found advice to men - what to do that the wife was more active in a bed and did not plead a headache. Great knowledge: it is necessary to wash the dishes and to make a dinner that this tired-out horse did not fall asleep for fatigue directly on the run, and reached live a bed. But only in case of sex! Just like that it is not necessary to do it. What for?

Ya never, at all never, met any advice to men something constantly to do for the world in a family and preservations of feelings to pension. Well type not to drink, not to go in trenik, not to lower a paunch, to change socks, sometimes to come off soccer and beer, just like that (but not on March 8) to give to the wife flowers, to do something on the house and so forth. Never! They should not - che - go. There is enough of fact that they have a device. In total! All the rest the woman has to.

And if the obryuzgly miracle in trenik drinks, fights and earns a little, and the mother-in-law eats to the daughter-in-law brains - means, is guilty who? Correctly, wife. It in general is always guilty. Worked on itself a little. Read mailings. Watch TV - “ show that not so“ where the captious pettiness pulls out the crying wife on a review and the whole group of psychologists waters her with claims, and, makeup artists and stylists investigates - that she made not as to it sverkayushche to put on what dances to execute before going to bed and as still it is possible to humour this vislobryukhy low-earning being that it did not deprive of it happiness to be his wife.

Whether there are such transfers about a reverse situation? Of course, no, because if the wife wants to dump the grown hateful schnook from the neck, then she is just idle woman!

Feature films select thematically too: the standard plot about business - the lady who sobs in a pillow because she wants to be the ordinary sitting duck is direct dreams. But there is no husband, and she should head holding. Well generally, legs of a plot grow from the sobbing Katerina (Moscow at the START) and the grieving Lyudmila Prokofyevna, but in modern movies these heroines significantly skandalny and isterichny, look as the bags smeared. Having fallen in love, she realizes that the holding on the devil is not necessary to it, it is better to wash socks, and falls to it in mutual embraces.

On TV there is still a special type of transfers - it is hours-long movies about celebrities and their wives, and especially about the famous actresses. All movies about great actresses (all!) are reduced to the fact that it was deeply unfortunate, “art replaced with it everything“, and actually - that she dreamed to wash socks and to fry pies, but tours prevented, and the husband left. “Do not do so, women, your mission - kitchen, children and adulating of the husband“.

Who needs this persistent clogging of the woman in a stall?

If women do not work:

demand indicators in workplaces Decrease.

Families become more dependent and as a result - more operated. The woman - especially. To any meetings they will not go and will not let husbands.

the Outlook of women is narrowed to a small number of interests - cooking, children, the house, a hand - meyd and series. It it is simpler to push any installations, they will believe in everything that they will hear from the TV.

They say that women can work from the house, type freelance - but at the same time she does not obtain either social guarantees, or assignments in pension and other funds. All risks like “worked - did not pay“ lay down only on it. What again - aggravates a dependency of the woman in society.

Usually supporters (and supporters) a valyaevshchina and the Domestic tyranny in objection to all this draw to us a pink picture - the correct family with the kind, but fair patriarch, the careful wife and mother and well-mannered children. As though they do not even suspect that, alas, so happens not always (if at all happens), and the dependency of the woman leads to very serious consequences in the form of domestic violence and education of children in the similar atmosphere. Without speaking about such insignificant trifle as an implementation failure of women in all spheres of modern life, except Lutheran church - the kinder - kyukhen.

So who needs it? Think, women. And not a neck, but head. The.