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What wine to choose under a shish kebab? Shiraz! As soon as the spring really came

into the own, from everywhere incurred a specific smoke. The people in a mass order stretched on shish kebabs. Many of fellow citizens prefer vodka to shish kebabs. However and number of judges of pleasant pastime, but not usual “pour yes drink“, too increases. Most of fans of shish kebabs of this category usually choose by

as maintenance beer that is rather cheap, tasty and angry. But also not for them this article. The real judges of a tasty, fragrant, juicy and soft shish kebab prefer red wine to meat.

Some wines as if are pasted to certain products by a sticky adhesive tape. It is all the same, as macaroni with cheese. Shiraz treats such wines. When I hear Shiraz , the first that is remembered - shy spring heat, a fragrant smoke and the cheerful company near a brazier. If is shorter, then Shiraz and a shish kebab not for nothing begin with one letter, they are inseparable from each other.

What Shiraz? Oh, the choice is rather broad, but only on the first glance. Actually the richness of the choice is a little limited. A shish kebab - the democratic food equalizing the academician with the student, and the general with a prapor. Therefore about any snobbery if you are going to spend cheerfully time, out of the question. So, and wine has to be a match for an entertainment - democratic, cheerful and inexpensive.

Of such Shiraz it is full in Australia. There so there is a lot of it that many put an equal-sign between Australia and Shiraz. Years five - seven back Australians literally filled in with the wine the USA, having outdone France on sales. Americans so were frightened that they still from only one word Shiraz are ready to run anywhere if only not to remember the Australian nightmare.

Well, we - that not Americans, it they let a barbecue chew under other wine, and for our sorties on the nature together with a shish kebab Shiraz from Australia - most that.

Shiraz - rather ancient grapes which were grown up still long before white people appeared in Australia. On one of versions, the homeland of Shiraz - the vicinity of the settlement of the same name in Persia disgraced nowadays. But the genetic analysis approves the return. Sources of Shiraz - in the south of France. For the first time Shiraz arrived to Australia in 1830 - x years and as many immigrants, took strong root. Today it is the most mass grade of grapes on the continent.

However, god with them, with roots. The main thing - the Australian Shiraz is ideally suited for picnic. It was necessary to choose a worthy brand incidentally not to spoil to itself impression about all Australian wine industry.

Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Shiraz from Hugo - East Australia incorporated all best high-quality lines. This excellent light red wine with plum, blackberry and spices in taste. What else is necessary for meat in the open air? Only desire to get out to picnic.

Did not find Rosemount? And what you will tell apropos of Stump Jump ? These are very similar wines, juicy and red, with pepper. Not literally, of course, however their juicy taste is ideally suited for stakes, hamburgers and shish kebabs. These wines just need meat dishes, disclosing together with them the most intimate advantages.

Stump Jump comes from McLaren`s valley. If to compare it to Rosemount, then the first more fragrant, more difficult and is sourer, but also, by the whole degree is stronger, 14,5% of alcohol against 13,5%. Externally Rosemount is slightly lighter. Both wines differ in long aftertaste.

Pleasant rest!

P. S. By the way, you know what means Stump Jump? Jump over a stub! When at the end of the 19th century in the valley wine growing developed, it was impossible to go on the ground, so much in it was stubs and snags. The name and stuck as if Shiraz to a shish kebab.