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How one of the most seductive love songs “Sway“ was written? To birthday of Dean Martin of

I Think very few people will undertake to challenge the statement that the Latin American dances - one of the most sexual and seductive dances in the world. As the heroine Jennifer Lopez in spoke about them to - f “Let`s dance“, it “vertical expression of horizontal desire“. And one of the most seductive dancing melodies, certainly, is the melody of the song “Sway“.

Generally, the native name at a song another - “Quien sera“ (“Who Will be“) because it was written by the Mexican composer by the name of Pablo Beltran Ruiz. In fact, his musical career also began with it.
the Beginning was more than successful. Did not manage to write down the first Spanish-speaking version of the song in 1953 as in a year of “Quien sera“ conquers the Anglo-Saxon world. The merit in promotion of the English-language version, certainly, belongs to Dean Martinu.

However, Martine`s Anglo-Saxon was not - he was a descendant of the Italians who emigrated to the USA. In those politically incorrect times Italians in America were considered “white 2 - go grades“ and were perceived in the spirit of “Came in large numbers here...“. As well as it is necessary to not really welcomed emigrants, in fight for a place in the sun they got off in packs and were ready for everything.

In what Dino Paul Krochetti (a real name of Martin) in 1930 - 40 - e was only not engaged years! Traded in illegal alcohol, boxed on a ring, there was a croupier in an underground casino...

So proceeded until he did not find in himself talent of the singer and showman, and did not become the member of the company under the name “Rat Pack“. This society of idlers and hedonists drove two more remarkable persons - singers Frank Sinatra and Sam Davies.

It is necessary to tell, as in the world of show - business Dean was a person multipurpose - it was not only the singer, but also the successful comedian and the actor. Its penetrating execution of English-speaking option “Quien sera“ became initial. However, Martin with cynicism peculiar to it always said that, singing love songs, he tries not to tempt the lady, and to be pleasant to her satellite because he will pay...

Transferred a nu to English “Quien sera“ - the York poet Normann Gimbel. More precisely, did not translate, and wrote the option - “Sway“ - “Rock (in dance)“. Gimbel wrote songs for movies much and even in 1980 snipped off “Oscar“ on this field. But, of course, and the text of “Sway“ remained its rather famous text. In 1954 Dean Martin`s execution lifted the song on 15 - e the place American a hit - parade and 6 - e - British.

On “Hamburg score“, neither the Spanish, nor English lyrics shone with any special poetic revelations. Everything was within a traditional love song - the truth if the hero of “Quien sera“ still looks for the half ( “Whom will be that which will want me whom will be that which will give me the love“ ), then the hero of “Sway“ already found it and invites to dance:

When the marimba will play, *** Dance
with me that we rocked in a step to music.
Embrace me strong,
As the lazy ocean embraces the coast. Dance
with me...

As the flower blown by a breeze,
Cave in with me, easily rocking.
When we in dance, you fascinate me, Remain
with me, dance with me...

*** - A marimba - the Latin American tool like a xylophone. Its sound can be heard in the song ROLLING STONES “Under My Thumb“.

is considered to be that initially “Quien sera“ is written in style of a mambo. But subsequently she was played in the most different styles - however, usually Latin American (a point, cha - cha - cha).
About a cover - versions and should not be spoken. From late English-speaking it is worth remembering successful covers of Michael Babl of 2003 and PUSSYCAT DOLLS group of 2004. Exactly thanks to “Sway“ of the DOLL - KOTYaTOChKI turned from dancing group in tantsevalno - vocal. Their Sway version was heard in already mentioned to - f “Let`s dance“. However, it was first planned that the song will be sung by Jennifer Lopez and will make it in Spanish, but as a result preferred the PUSSYCAT version. However, three years later Lopez - wrote down also the option “Quien sera“.

Mad popularity of a song is confirmed also by its numerous versions in the most different languages - for example, the PEANUTS duet executed it on Japanese, and Bjork (in 1990 - i.e. to the international recognition) - on Icelandic. There are versions on Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Vietnamese and, of course, Russian.

One of the most famous Russian-language versions belongs to Claudia Shulzhenko and is called “Who you are?“ (1958) . In sense the text is similar to the Spanish option, but is more timid. It is amusing that the singer sang the song on behalf of the man, but at that time no trite thoughts about it at the Soviet people arose.

... And the soul is full painful, delightful thirst,
But it is impossible to inform about volume the girl everyone.
A hope in heart shines, shines, shines,
Only to us to meet, meet, meet you.

Tell one to me who you who you who you are are are.
Without you are lived, lived, lived all years.
A hope in heart shines, shines, shines,
Only to us it is rather to meet, meet, meet.

From fresher options can remember Anjelica Varum`s song of “Point“: ( “Abandons us long evening, Noise calmed down, light went out...“ ).

Well and, I think, nobody will be surprised to the assumption that “Sway“ inspired Alexander Zatsepin on creation of the well-known song “Volcano of Passions“ (it “Help me“) from to - f “the Diamond Hand“ (1968) . Under it the beauty - the villain tempts the strong family man and shows a striptease, the first on the Soviet screen. The composition solved in beat by a tango and executed by Vedishcheva`s Aida was through a parodiyna and had to illustrate a petty-bourgeois esthetics and “elements of a dolce vita“.

... The parrot threatened us mysteriously
with the Palm branch,
A the city drank cocktails spicy,
Drank and waited for news.
you called me the clear head,
the Lovely girl,
But could not understand that
you joke with a volcano of passions.

Can for this reason at the Soviet plates with music from the movie this composition was present only at a type of an instrumental.

Finishing article, It is necessary to tell that the song “Sway“ - not the only big hit of Dean Martin (at least, for the western listener). Also compositions of “Memories Are Made Of This“ (“Memoirs consist from this“) 1956 and “Everybody Loves Somebody“ (“The love comes to everyone“) had 1964 huge popularity. The last composition even managed to press from top a hit - parades of BEATLES with their “A Hard Day’s Night“. To speak in any case - itself “the king fate - N - a beater“ Elvis Presley said that he wrote down the well-known ballad “Love Me Tender“, trying to imitate Dean Martin`s style.

Dean Martin: “Italians are very talented
. Take biographies of modern singers and you will see that 90% from them - Italians … And all because they sing heart, but not a throat. Any can sing a throat, but if you so do, means you just pronounce words“.

P. S.: You, as usual, can listen to versions of the song “Sway“ according to references in the first comment to this article.