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Forgive... me god of

(my new story, is cast by verses - the ballad about a cat “ Forgive you god “)

- Watch that I brought! The man thrust a hand for a bosom and pulled out from there, fluffy lump with hardly outlined ears and the tiny tail lying counter to all laws on a back of a kitten. - Watch what nice! - The man smiling stretched palms, with a fluffy ball, but the woman it is lazy having looked at it through reflection in a mirror, only indifferently shrugged shoulders. Then brushed hair and having shaken a dense mane of hair, fastidiously pursed lips. - I hope … it not for me and … why it is necessary? - The man with the confused smile which stiffened on lips found forces, to grin crookedly, involuntarily admiring beauty and grace of the wife. - How why, and mice? Live mousetrap! Trouble-free! Will a little grow up and will catch! And you … the man approached and brought closer the person in a face of the wife, wanted to kiss, but were stopped by a well-cared hand. - Holy Christ, you do not think that I am going to share you with this lump of wool, besides … The woman whimsically wrinkled the fine-molded nose. - It seems to me from it stinks … The man was removed back and covered a kitten with the second palm. - I found it ashore, it nearly drowned! And now, when we had a cat, you will not frighten me, the cries … The man frowned feeling how to spoil mood. Having caught his darkened look, the woman quickly jumped from a padded stool and having approached, was carefully rubbed about his chin by a forehead.
- You as a cat … only prickly
the Woman slightly bit a lip and playfully sniffed moving eyes. - Ezhevy cat!!! the Kitten did not understand
how it it suddenly, appeared on a floor, and the laughing couple, fell to a bed. From noise and fear the shivering kid was killed under a chair and sat quietly - quietly, in horror having screwed up blue eyes. Tiny, touching, lonely lump. There it was also found by the man, later half of hour. - Go … the drowned man here … as to call you? And, Vaska, Vasily can! A cool name, for a cat! Yes you be not afraid, it it is so simple, then will get used and will fall in love! And you will catch a mouse, in general on hands will carry. The man laughed and stroking the warmed kitten, left the room to equip the new resident. Stroking fragile, weightless a little body, the man sighed inspecting a verandah, in search of the place, then got a box and having a little thought, put in it an old, winter cap. Poured a milk and having waited so far a kitten greedy sipping did not get drunk, replaced it in a tray with sand. The kitten was extremely clever animal and having quickly celebrated the affairs, itself got into a cap. The man stroked drowsily purring kid a little more, and rubbed palms, with feeling of the fulfilled duty, then closed behind himself a door, having left a box with the new resident, on a verandah. The wife watched the next, Brazilian soap opera and sniffed. - Yes that you, so worry, well what you at me sensitive and vulnerable …. Go here … I will regret you. The man smiling, carried out on the woman`s head by a palm and having taken a napkin, settled nearby. Gently attracted to itself the wife and switched attention to the screen. Soon couple it is touched observed for developed on the blue screen, a plot, about a great power of love … There passed more than half a year and the cat grew up. Vaska regularly caught mice, and with advantage spread them on a threshold, showing that not for nothing eats the bread, but except the next squeal … attention from the hostess, did not find time. He was fed by the owner and the full bowl of food or milk, always stood near an old chest. He lived still on a verandah coming and leaving through the slightly opened window leaf. Closer to spring, under windows cats began to shout, and Vaska suddenly became agitated, he purred and rode on a floor, caught the tail and rubbed about legs … and suddenly disappeared for several days. Its leaving was noticed only by the man, but quietly shrugged shoulders, let will take a walk. Soon, Vaska returned and did not react to draft cries more. Later a few months more, it suddenly approached the woman and there was quietly a pulp as if asking it about something. He even tried, to be rubbed about the woman`s leg, but it having sharply cast away him aside, having almost struck, is angry exclaimed. - Absolutely became too choosy cattle! Hardly you go … brys … Clean up from my eyes! Mice on foot walk about … and it rubs here … Brys the Husband who entered this moment the house involuntarily frowned. The wife`s relation to animal its resistant not perception of a cat, obviously jarred on it, but the habit to concede, got the best again! - Well what mice? Vaska all caught them for a long time … The man, as if accidentally brushed away on a floor a piece of a sausage and priobnyav the wife, took away it to the room. On a floor the sausage piece lonely lay. Rigidly, the cat rejected aside, strange stood having hit sideways against a chest wall. Then quietly and hoarsely mewed and without paying attention to the thrown entertainment, postanyvy went to the corner. There it stood sniffing at a laying, but did not get into a box, instead, the cat hard jumped on a bedside table and slipped in a crack between a heavy chest and a case. Tinkered a little there and calmed down … At dawn from a dark corner several strange sounds similar to peep of a mouse reached … but them muffled quiet, soft purring and everything abated. Passed still, two weeks. There came April, but at night the earth still became covered with silvery hoarfrost, but the river woke up and every day bore the is gray quicker and quicker - lead waters raging on ice rifts white foam! The man cleaned the yard cutting away small groups of ice and having stopped to take rest, suddenly switched attention to Vaska. - I will not understand that with our cat? Some it plucked. Such wool was, and now all shreds … and grew thin fair. Maybe ached? The woman, being on the threshold, looked at a cat that washed sitting on a shop. Then it is angry sniffed and shook a towel. - - Cat as cat. You to the doctor bear him, and do not forget to measure a temperaturka. That with it also this creature you will be become and will endure me, it has 9 lives! Went to have dinner. She once again stirred up a towel and stepped on a verandah. As suddenly sharply became and pryanut having encountered a back the husband who ascended to a porch, afterwards back.
the Woman was abruptly developed and whiningly pursed lips. - You hear? This idler is washed to himself, and in a corner of a mouse peep! Fattened the freeloader! Here, and where it? But the cat already and itself rushed, on this strange noise. Habitually jumped through a bedside table, slipped in a crack was gone. The woman holding a broom in hand, tensely waited, but nothing occurred. - Yes that it there, mice gobbled up perhaps?! Yes look you … look! It pushed with
the husband in a back and it having shrugged shoulders, gloomy nodded habitually without arguing with the wife. Approached and tried to glance in a crack, but it was disturbed by a case. The man looked back to the wife who rested hands against sides and is conciliatory said.
- Yes it will catch, this mouse … that to you is itching to … But suddenly and measurement, without believing that it heard. Kot lying under a case, loudly purred as if he sang.
- some Devilry! Without hesitation the man pushed with
a corner of a dresser and stood looking at the opened picture. “Kot Vaska“ lay on one side and under her stomach pottered about three is black white a lump. Having lifted up eyes on the owner the cat of a zamurlykal is even louder as if sharing pleasure, and he stood and watched as if in catalepsy.
- Yes what you there, froze perhaps? The woman having exposed a broom, carefully drew near and looked out because of the husband`s shoulder. From the distributed squeal at a cat wool bristled and having swollen up on paws it hissed sparkling eyes. - This tavaaar, it mad, mad!!! Uberiiiya … it vooon! The man sharply turned … wanted to tell something, but having encountered the beautiful face warped from rage just gritted teeth without knowing as well as what to undertake … - What to their spirit would not be here! Holy Christ … also kittens … yes it is not the house, but a farm, on cultivation of cats! Clean immediately!!! The woman, unless, only did not stamp legs, and then suddenly, kartinno breaking hands, burst in tears. - You know … know … I cannot. I have an allergy … and from them wool … I do not take out cats … and now their whole kuchaaaa at all … Complaints poured such loud, continuous stream that the man having become deaf, just nodded. Having not absolutely understood as, he puzzly looked at the bag which suddenly appeared in his hands. A shower as if stiffened when it went to the river. No, he almost ran hurrying to get rid, of the freight which is quietly pottering about in it. Little bodies of kittens were almost weightless, but it seemed to the man that the bag is filled by stones. Vzbezhav on the bridge, he swung and threw a bag very much. Wanted to turn away … and could not. The current picked up and incurred turning and shaking, not wishing to sink, terrible freight. The man grabbed a handrail and panting, could not tear off a look from slowly sinking bag which suddenly got stuck near the stone which is sticking out of water to which in any way beat a thin trunk of the young tree which got stuck on a rift. Shrill, sad howl hit on ears. On the coast the cat flew and from her desperate shout on a back goosebumps spread. As if stirred up the man he threw up a hand. - The Vaskaaa … stop! but a cat already rose up having forgotten about everything on light. Carrying a motherhood instinct, she forgot the immemorial fear of water. The icy trunk spruzhinit having dipped a cat into water and it slid off down, having plunged into ice water. In a moment she escaped outside and carried away by a current convulsively hammered with paws trying to climb up a trunk.
- Stick … I to a podozhdiiya now …
the Man ran on the coast itself without realizing why … At last, the cat managed to catch a branch and she climbed up a trunk, but only in order that that hour will be thrown on its other side, to slowly plunging under water - to a bag. Desperate, shrill howl rushed over water. A cat plunging, again escaping on a surface, beat with paws water, very much aspiring to a bag from which slightly audible peep of kittens still reached. In the last breakthrough when it seemed that there are no forces any more, it was pushed by the semi-sunk branch and it got a bag. Having seized it claws and teeth, the cat stood, having closed eyes. In the paralyzed, rimed throat slightly audible, gentle purring was born. The huge ice floe struck a trunk and rejected a bag towards the raging funnel. Two times krutanut and suddenly, the cat very much embracing terrible freight and seeming to already dead, raised the head. Shrill, desperate shout of the perishing animal was carried over water … and ceased zakhlebnuvshis! Developed a trunk also it rocking floated on a current, but, not let out it from paws, nor the bag neither was visible anywhere any more mothers are cats. The man running on the coast sharply got up as if encountered a barrier. Eyes looked and did not see … and in ears, again and again rolling lead waves Vaska`s shout ringed and ringed … Suddenly legs broke and the man fell on knees. Having hidden the face in hands he slowly was shaken here and there And then having raised the head without hiding the tears running on cheeks, hoarsely cried desperately … fatefully … - GOSPODIII … FORGIVE me GOD …