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Ireshka - Irenchik - Shaggy Soul!

Spring... intoxicated air for the first time caused nervousness and tension in 8 monthly puppies and there was a wish to jump and bark and catch the pieces of paper which are carried wind))) That soared in air that excited and forced to raise ears and to slightly wrinkle a nose involving the exciting air.

this state concerned several days a young animal but care nevertheless forced to stick to it slightly away from pack where the prick-eared girl coquettishly cheerfully rushed bowing to one to other boyfriend. if that began to restrict it she bellowed and grinned. yes air also excited and inside the nature woke up but call still was weak and prick-eared just enjoyed attention and game! The puppy from a distance involved the trembling nostrils air but after the first received scolding nevertheless did not risk to come nearer though followed small pack the third day. yesterday it could find nothing for the whole day. and twisted a stomach hungry spasms but the flaw stirred up a branch of a bush at which it stood and suddenly brought very strong smell of a female. The puppy threw up the head and did not believe eyes. she stood all in couple of meters and wagged a tail. one of boyfriends gnawed a piece something unclear and was busy two others turned against each other finding out who them them more terribly. Males so far only grinned showing a frightening grin and growled but the female did not give a reason and they belonged to each other still tolerantly.

Fight for a reproduction will be then!! Then there will be fights and terrible wounds defining a priority in pack... it will be then in a week or two for now. all these poses just demonstration. The female smelled sweet so that the puppy was excited. in a groin everything strained and it conducted for the first time by the woken-up instinct went to a female. but did not manage to tie the crushing blow paws brought down it aside and the oskalenny mouth of an enormous dog is more frightening. with huge canines quite painfully grasped by a nape, stirred up and flung away away.

Without remembering itself for fear. the puppy rushed through the road without having seen that on the other hand the car took off. The blow flung away a puppy aside But the wheels which flew near a muzzle did not touch the deafened dog having hit on a motionless body with rigid gravel. The puppy came to himself at night and only moved as the body was pierced by terrible pain. Stridently having screamed the puppy tried to creep but again fell and lingeringly raised a howl being broken on absolutely still children`s puppyish squeal.

In the morning he tried to creep away from the terrible roaring large objects that rushed in dangerous proximity risking to run and crush every moment the shaggy body of a puppy lying on a roadside! By cars rushed there were on a roadside people but all hurried on affairs and was to nobody affairs to the teenager that with hope peered in passing by people asking them the silent whining crying about the help or though... about a water drink. The first days passed as if in a nightmare.

The whole day was sent by and people went and there was no live soul. what would regret. Also there passed second day.

The puppy tried to gnaw a dry grass through which the first sprouts hardly made the way. he gnawed them with the earth trying to receive though a moisture drink. For the third day the rain went. Heavy rain whipped mercilessly, but for the puppy perishing from thirst it was rescue! Pinching rain streams it for the first time extinguished heat of the burning body a little and softened a rough throat...

At last there was a kind soul and... dragged the crippled dog from a roadside on a small lawn and even someone brought and threw an old jacket, but the puppy still could not move. He only slightly rose on forepaws and desperately wailed trying to make oneself heard to people that now were from it further away and which all went and went by looking glass indifferent eyes. Without seeing... Without hearing... Without feeling, neither pain of the crippled being, nor his slow painful death...

Spasms twisted a stomach inside the clogged intestines did not accept already a grass and the kid raised the head more and more seldom. Only sometimes he still did attempt to creep up to the road and howled from pain.

On a body pincers crept! As if feeling helplessness of an animal, they crept to him from all directions and to struggle with these bloodsuckers there were no forces, and pain... burning pain from their stings inflicted new suffering and the kid cried without understanding... For what??? Well, for what he is doomed to these torments. and WHY people so diligently pretend that he ALREADY died...

And he Wanted and continued to Live!!!

The woman hurrying that for work watched three days its agony. that from work. Passing a minimum twice a day by a puppy and hearing his crying it at last trembled heart and began to look for. Rang round acquaintances and services and everywhere was refused. A hand absolutely fell when at last one of girlfriends prompted it number of bodies. Private Shelter....

The call was distributed at 21 o`clock and. having listened to a story of a dog... I grabbed ph. having pulled out the permanent assistant from the house...

Surprisingly, but two women met our car at a checkpoint. Then in almost complete darkness we looked for a black dog on the black earth. When approached a puppy it raised the head. One of women carefully sat down and stroked a dog!

- It is kind, but only so far it is ironed, and he does not allow to lift itself(himself) - bites!

I quickly made a loop a muzzle and having prepared, sat down nearby estimating a condition of a dog and her tension. then carefully too stroked a dog allowing it to get used to my smell and the movements. Then quickly threw a loop and having twisted the improvised muzzle, recorded a mouth of an animal. When the dog began to be raised she deafly raised a howl and tried to bite but. we quickly and carefully laid it in a box not to injure changes. At a checkpoint we left! And though I was shocked by terms that it were required to women to find the help... I am all the same grateful to THEM they without having regretted time late enough arrived to plant again and helped to find the place where the puppy died. I will tell frankly without their help, I would not find a dog!!! Having already got into the car and having examined let it is fleeting it by the light of. I understood - a dog on the verge. And this minute race for IRENChIKA life began!

The truth there was an incident in the beginning.

A puppy very shaggy, and a muzzle graceful and he is very similar to the girl. Women, speaking about the hit dog, called her the girl and having seen a puppy, I also was in delusion. Yes, the puppy very much reminded the girl the touching vulnerability and tenderness.

In the morning I hardly persuaded the doctor to accept us without turn. and having received a consent and a window fifteen minutes... we at once poyekhali1 Survey was superficial, but to us made a picture. It turned out that at a dog the fracture of a hip and is shattered a basin, but the most terrible that at survey the Doctor so hurried that I did not pay attention to a sex of a dog also too... And five more days was in ignorance to us so far did not appoint exact date of operation.

House I did not touch a puppy and did not come to my mind to examine once again a dog with such awful changes! I was afraid to cause it excess pain...

Doctors are not guilty. I do not blame them... I have no right!!! They are loaded - the flow of dogs is huge, animals with the Piroplasmosis, clinics are hammered by dogs victims of stings of pincers.

In clinic after survey of the doctor and a X-ray - pictures while expected result, I mechanically felt a neck and a back of a dog and in horror moved in I will shift having felt cones and then and having seen from through the moved apart confused locks... having seen them. hanging as if whitish grapes ready to burst just about.... from a surplus of the exhausted blood!!!

From disgust shook me, but... I began to feel feverishly over and over again touching the rolled-up locks and removed more than twenty bloodsuckers - ticks of all sizes and flowers. I quietly whined. not in forces to constrain disgust unscrewing these fat bubbles... also threw them on a floor and pressed legs and they burst with the champing opposite sound moving in an agony with small hooked paws. The doctor just was dumbfounded having seen a splodgy floor, but having looked at my pale face just looked out in a corridor and called to the nurse... In the same place in clinic made serum antidote. and I am sure! The kid is living only because we managed to enter it + droppers by which I supported him all these days. Besides the picture showed that intestines of a puppy are densely clogged and before it to operate, it is necessary to adjust work of intestines though a little. Enemas did not help, the fact that it was succeeded to expel reminded cement balls and neither oil nor candles helped. I was simply ready to roar with despair. each ball leaving a puppy with we howl and by tension it was given with incredible work! the puppy was dehydrated to a limit and it just a miracle that he is still living...

I yet never saw it. When I once again called the Doctor with cries about the help... he appointed - Prozerin.

The puppy transferred the first prick very hard.... we growled with it together! It from pain I from tension and sympathy. Next day there was the first result but it was scanty... and next day... everything was ineffectual.

The kid had just stone stomach. Three days of nerves and experiences so far at last for the 4th day the puppy did not begin to empty intestines and still in a day we went to operation. But nevertheless I will return to a hairstyle. When removed the front page of wool I was surprised how edges and when the hairstyle was ended I carefully stick out washing a puppy cried. It was almost air and weighed nothing... it was the skeleton... and besides our Ireshka was a boy when began to cut off a tummy, suddenly saw that the member at the boy is blown up also all black. The puppy - the teenager received blow when it was overexcited and from a painful spasm could not return body to a normal state. I yet never tested such horror!!! The doctor was shocked too, but what`s the use to accuse each other. I do not remove the fault, but nevertheless, and could not come to my mind that Ireshka-is the boy - Irenchik!!!!

Irenchik`s operation lasted three and a half hours. Sitting under clinic I calmed myself the fact that if doctors in the operating room the boy Zhiv means!!!

To Irenchik collected a hip having inserted a spoke! Fastened with a plate the basin broken in three places and castrated, having half removed the become lifeless part of the member. I do not know all subtleties, but the doctor assured me that pisyat the kid will be normal as soon as we remove a catheter for now it helps the kid to clear a bladder in 6 - 7 days.

There passed days! Heavy. . as well as all postoperative days when I peered and listened attentively to breath previous about the operated dogs and cats.....

Irenchik recovered also from his groans, I just quietly went crazy, but the doctor told the anesthetizing prick only in 6 hours, not earlier! The puppy has to depart from an anesthesia completely. I carefully the syringe gave to drink Irenchik and so was delighted when he with pleasure drank. Gave being afraid of vomiting very little but everything managed... Then I gave to drink him still few times. and at last pricked. In half an hour Irenchik fell asleep and till the morning slept tight. and I am not present!

Alas... suffered prolonged anxiety also to herself arranged sleepless Night)))

But during the lunchtime he ate and licked to me a palm. and I ironed it and told how soon he will recover and Everything Will be good also a dog attentively. with purely human attention listened to me and it seemed to me... he understood me! But when I was going to give the next injection and a dropper to me it was necessary to be at war with it nearly! The boy used all the toothy arsenal)))) and from his good nature there is no trace left also!!! From wounds I was rescued by a collar that I dressed Irenchika so far it was in an anesthesia!!!!!!!

neither arrangements nor a reproach helped. the boy met my given hand is more frightening clattering with teeth. it was necessary to give up thought that skeletiky I will cope with it alone))) and I called to the aid the husband!

So first days behind!! And now when I write these lines already the second came to an end also.

Irenchik eats with appetite))) hates pricks and already creeps on the volyerchik which is fenced off in the room!

With pleasure drinks milk and mistrustfully watches my hands. but it is surprising when I bring to it a cup with water or food it allows to iron itself(himself) and I scratch to it a neck!! But it is worth taking the syringe in hand and I become enemy No 1)))

Yes ahead still a long way to recovery and we should be at war not one more day and will reconcile. but I am sure. .

It WILL be sure Everything at Irenchik well NOW!!!