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Solar bathtubs: way to longevity and beauty? Part 2

In the previous article we concerned questions of what is a sunlight and what effect it renders on a human body. Today we will get acquainted with restrictions in this type of improvement and overdose symptoms with a sunlight.

So what restrictions for acceptance of solar bathtubs exist?

cannot Apply solar bathtubs to people with problem blood circulation, to children till 1,5 years (surplus of solar energy and an overheat influence mentality of the child, doing it whimsical and choosy in food, besides causes sleeplessness), to the people having mental diseases, neurosises and a neurasthenia.

Solar bathtubs are contraindicated to the people having skin diseases in a sharp stage (a photodermatosis, red a wolf cub, a pellagr, psoriasis and other dermatosis), to the persons having deficiency of RR vitamin (nicotinic acid) and at hypersensibility to sunshine.

At coronary heart disease fire can cause an attack of stenocardia or a myocardial infarction. It is connected with the fact that in hot summer day in air the content of oxygen is minimum, and high temperature gives strong load of sore heart.

Solar bathtubs are contraindicated to people, sick diabetes, with violations of a thyroid gland and adrenal glands, with a serious illness of lungs, a red volchanka, at some forms of tuberculosis, to people with the diseases which are followed by increase of level of estrogen (at mastopathy, myomas etc.) .

A tan should not be acquired to the people having a serious hypertensive illness, to people with hereditary predisposition to a melanoma.

It is impossible to be long on the sun that who underwent a surgery recently, and also that who has a tendency to various bleedings including nasal. As the sun is capable to raise bleeding, it is not necessary to abuse suntan to women during monthly.

It is undesirable to sunbathe at pregnancy as sunshine can cause in women emergence of pigmentary spots on skin of a forehead, cheeks and a nose. However most often these spots disappear after the delivery.

The women having inflammatory diseases of genitals and to women in the period of a climax should refrain from heliotherapy also.

If you take some medicine, then it is necessary to consult with the doctor regarding their compatibility with solar bathtubs. Some drugs raise a photosensitivity, and at their reception it is necessary to avoid direct sunshine.

Overdose by sunshine can lead to a sunstroke. Most often the people suffering warmly - vascular diseases, obesity, gipertireozy, vegeto - vascular dystonia are subject to it.

How to define overdose?

can Determine by

a sunstroke by the following signs - emergence of the expressed reddening and morbidity of skin, a headache, nausea. Breath and pulse become frequent, body temperature increases. In more hard cases short-term loss of consciousness is possible.

At a sunstroke it is necessary to provide medical care quickly. Immediately transfer the person to the aired place protected from the sun, exempt it from outerwear, having undressed to a belt. It is possible to moisten a face with cold water, to clap up to a breast a wet towel, to give to the victim of cold water, tea or coffee. At the same time surely call the doctor who will estimate a condition of the person and will carry out necessary therapy.

How to acquire a tan most effectively?

Before beginning treatment with the sun, it is necessary to pass the adaptation period as sharp change of climate, a day regimen and food is a stress for an organism and can cause adverse effects.

Begin reception of solar bathtubs under a canopy, then gradually pass into a zone of a diffused light and after that you can safely leave under direct sunshine.

It is the best of all to take baths in the morning when the earth and air are not strongly heated and the heat is transferred easier. In the middle of the day danger of an overheat of an organism increases.

In the first day you should not be on the beach on the open sun longer than 5-10 minutes, in the second day increase time till 15 minutes, on following - increase for 5 minutes and so on. In the end result finish time till 60 minutes. You should not acquire a tan more than an hour.

At the general solar radiation the head has to be in a shadow or under a headdress. At strong action of the reflected light protect the face and eyes the corresponding masks and points. Remember that snow reflects 85% of ultraviolet rays, sand - about 20%, and water - about 5%.

If you possess pale skin, then at first sunbathe for 5 minutes, increasing time every day for 5 minutes, do not reach a maximum 60 minutes yet. If you have a swarty skin, then it is possible to begin to sunbathe from 15 minutes, every time increasing duration for 15 minutes.

You should not subject to influence by sunshine a naked body less than for half an hour before and after food. Surplus of solar energy can change power balance and interfere with digestion.

Try not to fall asleep, sunbathing on the sun. The set of cases when people got severe burns is known, having dozed off. By the way, clouds or fog will not protect you from the sun therefore be not less careful in such days and be protected from the sun, as usual.

If you wear glasses with dioptries, try to remove for some time them in the afternoon. The sunlight takes off fatigue and irritation. Only you do not look directly at the sun, it can lead to injury of a retina and an optic nerve. It is better to rock blindly here and there with case turns, sliding “look“ by the sun.

Use sunblock creams, especially if you the owner of light skin.

Remember that the correct acceptance of solar bathtubs will bring to your organism huge benefit. You should not abuse a sunlight, but to you it is not necessary and to hide from it in a shadow if you do not belong to the category of those for whom the sun - the enemy.