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Solar bathtubs: way to longevity and beauty? Part 1

the Sunlight is excellent means for treatment and prevention of many diseases of the person. Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks knew about the curative power of the sun still in the ancient time, and even Hippocrates in the works mentioned medicinal properties of solar bathtubs (heliotherapy).

of People has to control receipt of solar energy in the organism. It is connected with the fact that at a lack of solar influence our protective forces decrease, creating conditions for development of diseases of adrenal glands, joints and a limfosistema. At excess of this energy there is an immunity easing, there are allergic reactions, all chronic diseases become aggravated, besides vessels and hormonal functions of an organism suffer.

So what we know about a sunlight?

In - the first, it is part of electromagnetic radiation which extends in a wave mode of various length and possesses a certain energy.

In - the second, sunlight happens visible (i.e. own light of the sun), and also infrared and ultra-violet.

In - the third, our skin differently absorbs sunshine, and penetration depth from ultra-violet radiation is less, than from infrared.

Infrared beams get into skin on depth to 4 cm and cause temperature increase of a body. They possess anti-inflammatory, metabolic and vasodilating action. Infrared radiation can help at chronic and inflammatory diseases of internals, burns, frostbites, diseases of peripheral nervous system, injuries oporno - the motive device.

Ultra-violet radiation is considered the most effective from the medical point of view. It has bactericidal effect, causes education in skin of various biologically active agents and vitamins, and also a melanin pigment. And pigmentation in turn increases resistance of skin to sunlight and protects our organism from solar radiation. What

effect renders a sunlight?

Thanks to influence of sunshine in a human body protective forces which help us with treatment and a hardening become more active.

At heliotherapy serotonin - pleasure hormone is produced. We are exposed every day to a stress, irritation, and presence of this hormone at an organism allows us to go through difficult times and not to go to a condition of a depression.

Our organism synthesizes special hormone, the called melatonin from serotonin. Speed of aging of our organism depends on amount of this hormone. Melatonin intercepts free radicals which result from a metabolism and destroy cages.

The sunlight promotes emergence in our organism of vitamin D. You will not believe, but fifteen-minute stay on the sun is capable to fill necessary daily amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D brings the cholesterol laid in an organism out of an organism, brings the necessary amount of calcium and phosphorus in a bone of the person, does a skeleton strong, rickets warns.

Under the influence of solar bathtubs photochemical processes become more active, blood circulation is stabilized, blood vessels extend that strengthens inflow of blood to skin, doing it smooth, elastic and healthy.

The sun increases skin resilience in relation to many diseases and infections. Microbes on suntanned skin have less chances to survive, than on not suntanned.

Many skin diseases - such as eels, psoriasis, eczema will well respond to solar treatment, scaly deprive, ulcers from a varicosity, bruises, tuberculosis and stings of insects.

Heliotherapy strengthens a metabolism of the person: the food is processed better, fats break up quicker, protein is acquired easier. The sunlight makes active immune system, strengthens okislitelno - recovery processes in an organism, increases activity of a cerebral cortex.

The sun strengthens development of spermatozoa, increases sexual activity. Besides, many researches prove that chocolate suntan which turns out owing to reception of solar bathtubs does the person more attractive and sexual.

However it is always necessary to remember that the excessive interest in solar procedures can lead to negative consequences.

About what restrictions to acceptance of solar bathtubs are about overdose symptoms, and also about an effective way of reception of solar bathtubs you will be able to read in the following article.