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What secrets of beauty meet on the big screen?

Are frequent, looking at heroines of movies, we envy their well-groomed appearance: smooth velvet skin, brilliant hair, the elastic tightened body … Whether there correspond film stars to the images presented to cinema in everyday life? How they manage it?

Council No. 1

Unsurpassed Vivienne (Julia Roberts) from “Beauty“ knew one important secret of beauty. Every time, visiting the bathroom, it checked purity of the teeth and used a tooth thread. Whatever you may say, but freshness of breath and a whiteness of teeth - the main components of an ideal smile.

It is interesting that in life Julia Roberts watches closely the charming smile too. The actress admits that she uses baking soda for toothbrushing.

Council No. 2

you Remember the movie “The Blonde in the Law“? The main character Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) always looked “very clean“, combining accessories, an ideal hairdress and internal self-confidence. This blonde became a style standard.

The actress Reese Witherspoon in life aspires to an ideal too. She likes to eat well, but for the sake of a figure can eat days only skim milk. After the delivery, to shape up, the actress strenuously was engaged in fitness on 5 times a day.

Council No. 3

This eternal fight of women against excess weight! Rene Zelveger in “Bridget Jones`s Diary“ pledged to grow thin to herself. As a result of intensive sports activities, refusal of addictions and tasty food, and also a positive spirit her life was adjusted!

Actress Rene Zelveger even more purposeful, than her heroine. She managed to grow stout for the movie on 13 kilograms, and to a premiere to dump them again! To gain weight, Rene moved a little and ate much and to return to a form, completely refused greasy food and returned to sports activities.

Council No. 4

last year came out the movie “Snow White and Hunter“ where Charlize Theron played the angry Queen. We see a shot as Charlize leaves a milk pan fresh and fine. On a movie plot its beauty was not connected with this fact, but the calming and moistening effect of milk on skin is known since ancient times. Ardent fans of this method - Cleopatra and the supermodel Cindi Crawford.

the Refined secret of beauty we see council No. 5 in “Memoirs of geishas“. The Japanese geishas put on a face powder from a nightingale dung. As if strangely it sounded, but it really has surprising effect! The mask with natural enzymes and a guanine does skin of this exotic ingredient pure, smooth and adds it pearl gloss.

Council No. 6

Any woman can become the real lady. About it we are told such movies as “Ms. Kongenialnost“ (the woman - the cop Gracie (Sandra Bullock) will be transformed to the real model), “How to become the princess“ (the fifteen-year-old teenager Mia (Ann Hathaway) becomes a princess), “Office romance“ (the head mistress Lyudmila Prokopyevna (Alice Freindlich) will be transformed to the real woman).

However sometimes the aspiration by youth and beauty manages too expensive. For example, remember movies “Death to It to the Person“ or “Dorian Gray“. One prick allowed two women to become young people again, but this coin had a reverse side, and the handsome Dorian could not learn power of mutual love. Frightening picture, isn`t that so? So do not forget that everything is good moderately!