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How to help the child with homework for literature?

In advance: perhaps, I am not right. And my understanding of the most difficult school subject wrong. And it is a case, absolutely private for the 4th class. Though an occasion to reflect. What

a subject at school the most difficult? No, very best that at the parent brains stuck together with despair and the same parent deservedly considered himself as the champion of the Universe on patience. Such - rastaky a subject that you were enough to think up and give such convincing nonsense that the child would not be upset, at some moment understood everything and the ray would not lose hope and mind in the solution of one separately taken homework.

Written homework for literature became our splinter that day . Worse than it is but I do not know that.

Everything, apparently, is simple. It is possible to solve a heap of the equations, to count six-digit on seven-digit and a lot more signs in brackets, to divide and not to get confused. It is possible to give independently the report about Lomonosov and to learn it. Still to learn by heart all accusative case and everything that with it is connected with examples and theoretical provisions.

And to be blown off to mother in a notebook on literature. Though I was blown off. Costs the baby and eyes claps. Because on a question “That you think of A.S. Pushkin`s words about the Russian national fairy tales: “What charm these fairy tales. Everyone is the poem!“, the child honestly and sincerely writes: “Because in them there is a sense“.

There passes the child literary fairy tales . Gossip each lesson about it. And admiration of Pushkin causes, on rebenkovy reasonings (with proofs, “because interesting because a plot deep and wide“, etc.) sense . Well of course, because they “everyone are the poem“!

With the most sincere intentions I begin to be risen to such intricate as it appeared, piece as fairy tale language .

Why competent, widely-read any French and drevnevsyaksky literature, itself wishes navayat something ingenious, Pushkin so admires the Russian national fairy tale?

Full stupor. At me extreme degree of an asinine upryamost to try to shift dshcher to attempt to begin to think.

I speak, Arina Rodionovna (that still a feature) told (I stir brushes around a mouth), and Pushkin listened (I wind krugalya around ears). And what he heard admired it so that it gave this ingenious quotation collection about fairy tales. On - che - mu?

- Because it is interesting.

- Why it is interesting? At the expense of what it is interesting?

- The plot is interesting.

All right, I speak. Here Pushkin navayal “At a curved seashore an oak scientific, a golden chain on an oak that, and day and night a cat the scientist everything goes on a chain around“. Beautifully?

- Yes, it is beautiful.

- Why it is beautiful?

No, this option does not pass. I decide to turn from other exit - an entrance.

- You when you listen to these lines, represent something?

- Yes.

is followed Further by absolutely remarkable art description of the picture of an oak and vicinities submitted in the head.

- And how what you represent is called? And why you see it quite so?

So, the child does not know what is “image“. Arrived! And I from it should remove “figurative language“ and To. I.e. that she understood that at the fairy tale the language. And from here put everything with feelings, emotions, images and To. Well and Pushkin`s admiration as a result.

- Well, and the fairy tale and the scientific text differ?

- Yes, the fairy tale is more interesting. It is told. Still it about the good and evil.

It`s a no-brainer that at its age the fairy tale much informativny more wonderfully than any paragraph from “World around“. On my remark that on courses of secular ethics they too about the good and evil talk, the child waves hands and legs and cries out “it is not necessary to me about courses“.

Again I read the introduction to “Ruslan“. Then I try to describe the events the language. More vigorously so, ponauchny I try.

- Near big forest area there is a big tree with green leaves. In a grasp this tree very big. On a trunk of this huge tree the chain shaped from metal of yellow color is stretched. With high probability it is possible to assume that this chain gold. On this chain round the clock, i.e. at night and in the afternoon, the pet from group Predatory, the cat family goes. Animal it possesses the certain skills reached as a result of long trainings and wide life experience. It distinguishes the left and right parties, can sing songs and tell these most notorious fairy tales!

On it the daughter laughs loudly, the senior offspring is connected to her, with pleasure having come off geometry. Having become interested in a task, tries to configure a cogitative wave of the sister to the words “image“ and “language“ too. Having come to grief, is washed away and removed to the cylinders, spheres and formulas. There it is simpler as it appears.

From the third calling the younger ditenka is reached by sense mother`s a parable. We begin to argue about “what language at the fairy tale“. Here too deafly. Because it “children`s and interesting“. I forbid to tell the word “interesting“ because on my argument that “the scientific text can be interesting too“, the girl with conviction declares that “no“.

All right, at last we remove about an image and put everything. Having jumped over a hillock of misunderstanding, the child breaks through on the speech. Now it is necessary to write down it, to reforge oral language in written. In fact a question she precisely and just told all.

And this appears the most difficult. Because it is one of the major things what literature teaches to: to think and write in the native language.

In daughter`s broadcasting on the letter it was the option of the non-russian girl learning Russian recently and hardly. Having endured short-term cultural shock, I ask to formulate accurately the answer at first orally.

It turns out. Made happy with successful completion of operation, I turn to other questions.

Having found out, “who won, Pushkin or Zhukovsky“, we rewrite the answer and to this question. However, having glanced in earlier written down, I force everything to erase and to write anew. Nasty mother! It is necessary to it beautifully and accurately! And it is necessary to the child quicker, to lag behind and read about cats - warriors. As a result cats - warriors imperceptibly and again retire. Nothing, will suffer. By the way, at these cats in each book of steam of corpses, passion, pregnant cats, leaders, etc. Life boils. It is necessary to drag a time of the child from a copper.

Brutal I am an aunt when concerns lessons. Because it is necessary not to me, and children. There is no place to recede. Rescues (them or me?) the fact that I in their school affairs climb not every day but only periodically. But for some reason with literature at us it is difficult. And it is easier for mathematician to explain, and just to proreshat something. English - to teach, to translate, again to learn. Russian - too all on rules. Even it is much simpler to tell and explain a story. Or it at me with literature so?

All the same I will not give up. Bye.

What subject at school the most difficult? For each child the answer. And fight against it (and for it) too the, with tactics and strategy, with victories and defeats. Just I want to teach the child not only to remember also the nobility, but also to think at the same time. And not to be given if something is impossible.