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Whether it is possible to enjoy life, being engaged in vigorous activity?

of Pleasure from life are feelings which are in us. Today we will talk about “activity“ as concept which can raise the level of feeling of pleasure of life on new height.

Main is a personal attitude towards pleasures of life.

All of us have huge potential. This potential - in us. All the best in our life begins in us. We only need to be able to involve all our opportunities. Our active living position, our attitude towards pleasures of life can help with it.

Our living position is our choice. What we choose, that we also become.

We choose whether to be to us envious and angry, diffident and suspicious to consider itself as losers or unworthy.

If we chose it - we did not pass examination.

If we want to receive something good from life, we have to make other choice.

Our choice - to consider itself worthy joyful life, to be confident in the future, to be resolute when we meet a new problem, to be courageous and brave, meeting vital storms.

Our choice - the positive attitude towards favourite.

Positive activity - one of important aspects of pleasure of life

We all want much from life. But it gives us the favor not only at our desires, and and on our merits. And our merits should be increased constantly.

One our advantage, the positive attitude towards itself and life it is not enough. All this only basis for formation of the qualitative future. It is necessary to force to work these merits.

That your positive relation to life worked, active action is required.

Important actively to work for achievement of the objectives.

Important actively to put all the knowledge and experience, the vital philosophy, the positive relation to life in that activity which conducts to bright future.

It is important to make new plans.

It is important not to be afraid to work hard to realize plans.

It is important to take steps to find people who will help.

Important not only to dream, and to do something concrete.

It is important to take constant, daily, persistent small steps towards the purpose.

It is important to put energy and vital forces in these steps.

It is important to take the responsibility for performance of these small steps.

That daily activity conducted to pleasure of life, it is necessary to transform dreams to plans, plans - in vigorous purposeful activity. Active daily short steps will lead to realization of our purpose. I think that the global purposes of many - own realization and achievement of pleasure of life.

Harmony between work and rest

Is clear that the more work we will enclose in our future success, the result will be better. Any action is better, than rest. But rest is necessary for us for restoration of vital forces. Here reasonable harmony is necessary.

Surely it is necessary to find time for the health. Physical activity is necessary. Fresh air is necessary. New impressions - are obligatory.

But even we can invest rest time in the success. During rest the probability to get acquainted with people who can teach something or help us is high.

During travel and receiving new impressions fresh creative ideas can come to our mind.

It is often possible to combine rest and training.

Active recreation helps not only to save up forces, but also to put something valuable in the future success, in achievement of pleasure of life.

Activity has to be thought over

Besides positive living position, vigorous activity, it is desirable to use the intelligence still.

All actions should be prepared elaborately, and then, step by step, to carry out. It is necessary to have accurately formulated action plan. It has to be written down.

In books on success write that the purposes can be short-term, medium-term and long-term.

All this is correct. But it is very important to have a guiding star, the Main goal which would conduct you on life. This Main goal has to inspire, give strength, energy. Having such Main goal, it is easier to cope with difficulties of life.

If you stumble“ or you “will fall“, remember the purpose, get up from knees and go further. the Discipline to us will help

the Negative moments often rush into our life. Strive to take away us from our bright future aside. Life can include fear and concern. Only discipline can resist to negative misfortunes, not allow them to destroy our life. Discipline and courage which conducts forward, despite of fear.

It is very important to treat orderly even the smallest short steps towards implementation of the plans. Small affairs are very important. They, step by step, lead us to receiving pleasure of life.