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How to prepare a fried chicken liver with onions?

seem to me that it is necessary to love a fried chicken liver. The main thing that it was not overroasted to such an extent to turn into a uniform sole - rigid and absolutely tasteless.

Ya tried a set of various recipes, but constantly something did not suit me. The liver seems hardish, gains the smack introduced some spices not peculiar to it or aroma. Generally, all the time it seemed to me that something not that and not so. And here, at last, I found that optimum recipe when both softness normal, and smacks with aromas no strangers are available. I also decided to bring this recipe to your attention.


Liver chicken.


wheat flour.

Salt. the Liver we wash

, carefully we delete films, veins, and the most important - we watch that even small traces of bile were completely removed. After that we spread the prepared liver on a chopping board and we dry on air a little.

Thin half rings we cut onions and we fry it in vegetable oil to a condition of full softness (in various recipes this state is called differently, but most often - “to a translucent state“). It seems to me that it is necessary to fry onions on very small fire, at periodic hashing, without allowing a full browning to a condition of coarsening, but at the same time trying that all volatile compounds which are contained in onions and giving bitterness departed, here then the liver will not gain bitterish smack.

Having reached full readiness of onions, we remove it from fire and we put aside aside, let will cool down so far.

There now, the turn also reached a liver. First of all, it should be rolled in properly in flour therefore if on a liver there was an excess moisture, it is better to blot it, at a boning in flour excess water can lead to formation of a viscous pasty product that, of course, is undesirable.

I roll a liver all at once or if there is a lot of it, I halve. For an obvalivaniye I use the most usual plastic bag, checking surely that in it there were no holes, and that all kitchen can be powdered with flour. In a package I fill flour and I throw liver pieces, several times I stir up, trying to obtain a full covering of a liver flour then I spread it on a chopping board and I add some salt to the top party. In some recipes recommend to add salt directly to flour, I am afraid it to do as it is possible to make a mistake, having added a salt lishka, peresol absolutely is not necessary to us.

A frying pan with thick walls that they longer kept heat, I warm up on a big flame before strong hissing of droplets of water and I display liver pieces on a frying pan, putting them the added some salt party down. After full filling of a frying pan fast I salt the second party which was top now. In a minute I overturn pieces of a liver, no more, and I fry them, without reducing a flame, also within a minute.

After that we reduce a flame to absolutely small and on a liver we spread the cooled-down onions, trying that it as much as possible covered all liver. We close a cover with an opening for an exit of surplus of steam that the liver did not gain smack boiled, and we weary within 5 - 7 minutes.

It is pleasant to me when in a liver there are blood traces, and here my house it is necessary that everything was fried completely thoroughly, but at the same time the liver remained soft and plastic. Here I to you not the adviser, select cooking time independently, on your taste.

We spread a ready liver on a dish and we give on a table. Bon appetit!