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Robert Jordan. What “Wheel“ is well-known in the world of literature?

Many years ago I talked to the girl who left from Russia to America at two-year age. She hardly and with strong accent spoke in Russian. Conversation flew very inertly, but neither she, nor I could interrupt and disperse it as were attached to the place, and just to sit next and it was even worse to be silent. Already absolutely from I nothing to do to

asked what she reads. In reply received an amazed look. Business happened at the end of 90 - x years: we still read books, and the advanced America already moved to cinema and audiobooks. As a last resort - on reading from the computer screen.

But everything changed when Robert Jordan was mentioned. I immediately received in reply an expression volley: “O, yes, yes! Robert Jordan! Robert Jordan! “Weel of Time“!!“ - and further incredibly emotional monologue several minutes length followed. The girl listened to Robert Jordan`s audiobooks - the cycle “Time Wheel“.

I do not listen to audiobooks, preferring to read. But, having mastered many years ago the first book of a cycle, I bought all series “Time Wheel“ of Robert Jordan, very much regretting that the author died, without having finished realization of the idea.

Speak, in America society of writers collected all its materials according to the missing novel of a cycle and held a competition - to add a coma for it the epic. The result is unknown to me, but it is awfully interesting - whether will add and if add, then when.

After R. R. Tolkien Jordan for me the second of fantasts who for creation of a cycle of novels created the world. At the same time unlike other fantasts this world of a fantasy - in the present. Most of authors of fantastic books described the hypothetical future of our world. Azimov, Bradbury, Clark... - our world, only “100 (200-300-1000-100000) years to that forward“.

The best of authors not just wrote separate novels with scenes or events “from the future“, and created consecutive series from stories.

Azimov with his interlacing of various series of novels who created in the beginning a picture of the close future on its base - a picture of the future not too close, and already on its base - a world picture many millennia later...

Stanislav Lem with his series about the pilot Pirks, many others... They wrote about the imagined future following from our real present present.

In brief the cycle of novels of Jordan - about fight of the good and evil, about the embodiment of the certain immortal character called “by the Dragon Revived“ of the person urged to save the world in fight against the evil which over and over again this evil “wins“, more precisely, kills - but cannot win because every time a many time later after the death it revives again and continues the fight.

The author tells about life, fight and destiny of the next embodiment “the Dragon Revived“, the simple shepherd of sheep of the boy from the remote village in the boondocks of the small kingdom.

To tell there is no sense in more detail - too voluminous material, externally (remaining the same inside) the main characters, but sense of all cycle of novels mostly - the same, as at many to it - fight good with bad, angry with kind too strongly change.

Personally especially it was pleasant to me that the main characters in process of development of a plot remained internally the same what were at the very beginning of the novel in spite of the fact that their social standing managed to change sharply.

The sheep shepherd, putting on a crown of the king of kings the head, felt as the same shepherd.

The smith`s journeyman who became the governor of the vast country and the general - still felt as the smith, and the glorified military leader, the commander of “elite group“, still considered themselves as the simple guy from the village.

Very interestingly the fact that the author noted some relativity of our concepts about the good and evil.

That it is possible to speak about people who of true curiosity and desire to give a green light to the people destroyed the world even more, died and killed most of the fellow citizens, engendered multithousand-year chaos, wars, diseases and death...

And that it is possible to tell about the great doctor which in desire to know more and more to be able overstepped the bound of the good and evil - and in many centuries of life began to use the knowledge for sophisticated tortures. What very much succeeded in, having extremely perverted the knowledge and skills. Long time, centuries and centuries, it changed a short step behind a short step, turning from the great doctor into one of the closest helpers of a local devil.

Really, over time all of us change. And together with us also our idea of the good and evil changes. Sometimes something, seeming to us in the childhood definitely bad, at mature age appears from a different angle and admits us already something necessary.

Who knows in what he will shift ourselves would change - live we not just long, and very much, not representable long.