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How it is correct to pick up house textiles?

Textiles for the house it is accepted to call all those rags - tkanyushka which we use for a cosiness, beauty and convenience in our dwelling. This and bed linen, both towels, and any features - ukhvatochka for kitchen, and, certainly, the most noticeable monumental cloths - curtains, carpets, covers.

And really monumental - occupy nearly a half of the area of our inhabited space! For this reason it is so necessary to approach their choice competently.

As a rule, fabrics for the house buy when in rooms after repair everything is already equipped: there is a furniture, lighting is thought over, and in the head there is the unique thought: “Rather all this would come to an end“. And in the next - carpet, curtain, economic shops rugs, blinds and covers which, God grant, “will reconcile“ with color of furniture and walls are fast got.

And happens that on windows something unimaginable (that the sun did not disturb) is hung up in general, and on expensive sofa there is “something“ - that the cat did not spoil an upholstery. That is why the house textiles look the successfully picked most up when repair passions long ago behind, and we have again a desire to refresh, update housing, to clean old curtains, to throw with a new plaid a chair or to dress chairs in nice covers. Approach it consciously, slowly, to love - and gradually there is a magic transformation of all house.

So with what magic begins? Let`s listen to the internal voice. What approaches our present attitude? What interests there live “children and members of household“? If daily occurrence is filled with events, and you are tired of the tough schedule, then preferences should be given to fabrics of quiet pastel tones with soft drawing and an opaque surface.

If you are oppressed by monotony of everyday life, surround yourself with joyful bright things, process of the choice of fabrics for the house is a fine opportunity to experiment. We select a plaid, curtains or just napkins of vigorous, contrast colors - and at once in the room becomes more cheerful.

Of course, it is important at the choice of fabric for the house to consider where there are windows and what colors in general are present at the room. Curtains can correspond to the main color scale, and for a sofa, a bed, a floor it is possible to pick up textiles of brighter tones.

Pay attention to a grafichny ornament and the expressive drawings corresponding to style of your room. Be not too lazy to go online and study an educational program in psychology of color. So you will reduce risk of the wrong choice and will save money.

One more important point: influence of textiles for the house on power of your dwelling. The most right and faultless way - to use for the house of fabric of handwork. Especially, now it is possible to choose any - from lovely simple rugs IZIKEA to the masterpieces created according to the individual sketch in technology of manual weaving, a list, patchwork and other traditional or vanguard technologies.

At such rich range it is easy to feel the real fairy of a home and with pleasure to begin to change own small home world by means of magic textiles for the house. He not only will decorate the dwelling, but also will warm, and will protect from an evil eye, and will rescue from the sun, and will improve mood and appetite, and will present comfort, a cosiness - and all this for us, darlings!

So thought “rather it would come to an end“ it is urgently changed on “at last it begins“!