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About whom the weeping willow grieves?

From all trees are the closest to me a weeping willow. Something is in it such fascinating, mysterious, mysterious. Having stretched the hands - branches, having inclined over the river, the willow in a water smooth surface looks and drops in it sad tears. But about whom the willow whom it mourns grieves and what for offense so strong sat down at her fine, big and clean heart?

As always to shed light on secret that the weeping willow stores in the memory, we will be helped by a legend.

Lived - the beautiful girl Syusyan existed. The village from where it was a sort, was located on the bank of the quiet river surrounded with willows. Hobby of the girl was to come to the small river and, sitting ashore, to watch how water laps.

One fine day Syusyan met at that river the beautiful young man on a horse. Young people at once fell in love with each other and so strong that they decided to be from now on always together. After a while it was decided to send matchmakers to Syusyan`s parents, to discuss details of a wedding and to appoint date.

However happy history was not fated to come true: the leader of local robbers noticed the young beauty for a long time. Having learned about the forthcoming wedding, he outright became angry and decided to kill the girl`s beloved.

Robbers took the young man unawares when he once again hunted in mountains, and fatally wounded the young man. The faithful horse brought the dying owner to the girl. Before going to the world of shadows, the young man told darling that she needs to run: robbers here - here could find it, and the guy could not protect darling any more.

Having told it, the young man sighed, closed eyes and did not move any more. The crying Syusyan, having kissed darling, rushed to the willows growing ashore and begged about the help. The girl that God turned her into a willow asked and robbers could not catch it. God of a prayer a grief of the killed girl heard and...

How many parents looked for the lovely Syusyan, could not find her traces. They decided that the girl died. And on the bank of that river and there is a weeping willow, dropping the bitter tears in cool water, and everything calls darling.

Beautiful history. There was it actually or not - it is difficult to tell. Who knows, maybe, in each willow there lives such girl, something or someone lost? Or perhaps these trees mourn for us what we lost once, or that about whom forgot?

Small droplets which appear on weeping willow leaves early in the morning are very similar to tears. Under whiff of a breeze they fall to the ground: so the tree gets rid of the nevyplakanny pain.

By the way, the weeping willow still is called Babylon. The matter is that in ancient times it was the main deciduous breed of the trees applied to gardening. Weeping willows grew along river banks Efrat, in the neighbourhood with poplars and tamarisky.

By the way, the weeping willow lives about 60 years and during this time can reach in height of 15 meters. Probably, therefore mentions of “the weeping old willow growing on the river bank“ meet more often. The willow blossoms, dismissing the silvery ear rings, and can be, in this short time to something really rejoices.

Well, and finally it is necessary to tell that a weeping willow - not only the mysterious tree but also useful: the infusion prepared from its bark served in the ancient time as fever medicine. The matter is that wood willow bark of some types of a willow contains substance under the name “salitsin“ therefore extracts of bark can be used as a febrifuge. Salicylic acid was found for the first time in a willow and called in honor of a willow, “willow“ in Latin and is called - saliks...