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Change. To admit or keep silent?

Many, probably, faced change of darling or darling. And once having changed, the person begins to torment himself with doubts: to tell about it to the partner or to keep silent? What is change? Change people understand

differently. For someone even a simple smile or harmless flirtation - already change, and for someone and the kiss is not change.

It is all about jealousy. At everyone the limit. The jealous person will not be able to ignore a smile to other person. Jealousy - bad feeling. It pushes people on rash acts.

It is heavy to live with the person who forbids to look around …

U me there is a friend, it has really underestimated self-assessment. His uncertainty in itself is from outside visible. He constantly straightened out the soulmate, did not allow it to dart the estimating glances at other guys. Constant showdown, cavils, restrictions in communication - all this led to parting. He was always afraid of change from its party, but the actions he pushed her to it.

Probably, the jealous person is not self-assured. Not for nothing say that, fall in love with yourself - and you will fall in love with people around.

It is good. If to reject jealousy and to think of fleeting hobby. Sometimes the long relations need a shake-up. Let`s say in club or at a friendly party your soulmate frankly makes advances to other person. How to treat it?

I think that you should not make a rough row to jealousy, but it is worth talking about it. Perhaps, the person tries to cause in you emotions. Most often such situation can arise in case the chill or a lack of attention was outlined in your relations.

It is heavy to live with the person who ceased to render attention signs …

Somehow in club the girl of my friend danced slow dance with other guy. I asked it: “You accept such situation?“ He did not object, but told that he will ask it why she acted this way. Later I learned that they talked and it complained of a lack of attention from its party.

Sometimes when the relations pass into a phase of stability and monotony, the easy shake-up is necessary to remind the second half of shortage of the romantic relations, courtings and signs of attention. Time the speech came about monotony, it is worth mentioning also routine. You know, it when the relations turn into something ordinary - the house and work, the soulmate who does not cause any emotions. You come back home and see the same picture: the wife goes on the house in house clothes, wipes dust, potters in kitchen; the husband returned from work, has supper and lays down in front of the TV.

It is heavy to live with the person who ceased to cause emotions …

Once I asked the friend who got divorced from wife after seven years of marriage: “Why you left?“ He told that the wife changed it and he could not live with it. He was not angry with it. He understood that he pushed her to change. His wife did not work, he devoted to work much time, and on matrimonial duties often there was no force left.

What here to tell? With it everything is clear. If your beloved or the beloved decided to report about change, then most likely they ripened for end of the relations.

Probably, it is worth agreeing that casual change has to be hidden … My many acquaintances supported this thought. There are several aspects which can push to casual change: cooling of the relations, check of feelings, insufficiency of the sexual relations, alcohol, holiday romance and many other things.

Having told the wife or the husband about casual change, it is possible to spoil the relations forever. The love works wonders, many will be able to reconcile to change, but to forget - never. Change will forever leave the print on your joint happiness, the shadow of mistrust can gradually destroy even very long relations.

The truth always comes to light … Systematic changes to hide

very difficult, it is almost impossible. Always there is a chance that they will be opened. And it is possible to make a mistake on any trifle.

Somehow I came to the friend and saw very unusual slippers at them in a hall. I asked his wife where they bought such slippers, and she answered me that such slippers give out in the train … Agree that it is simple to check such information. Life is under construction of trifles, her husband began to look narrowly at them and found out that such slippers give out in hotel near their house. These relations ended with divorce.

If the desire to spend time with the soulmate does not arise, then you should not hold such relations. Why to look for an opportunity with someone to have a good time and be afraid that the truth can be opened?

Having told about the change, the person removes freight from the soul and shifts it to family shoulders. For those who realized that he made a mistake and it is confident that similar will not repeat - it is worth keeping silent, enduring this situation, to abuse itself, to condemn, not to be proud and not to be praised before friends.

Well and if there was a desire to flirt, kiss, make love on the party, then it is worth reflecting and whether it is worth continuing the relations?! Perhaps it is necessary to talk, be stirred up, try to awaken the dying-away passion, to inhale new life in well familiar and habitual relations …