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Indian tea? Yes, and once again yes!

Tea is capable not only to warm us during a cold winter time, but also to present pleasant pleasure, satisfying thirst in the summer. Probably, for this reason this drink is loved and esteem in many countries of the world.

But, certainly, very few people can be compared in a chayevedeniye to Indians - Indian cuisine contains a set of recipes of its preparation. Local tea differs in special taste and unusual aroma - it both tart, and sweet at the same time, awakens the imagination and weakens.

India represents the country which is difficult for understanding and studying completely only on sights. It it is necessary to experience and hear, enjoy its taste.

Traditionally in the territory of India tea is considered especially esteemed drink. It is used by all segments of the population in different regions of the country. But there are several important rules of tea drinking among which a specific place is held by a way of a zavarivaniye of tea.

So, Indians drink only masala - tea to which they add milk. The main thing that here treat this drink not as to an opportunity I am eager to satisfy, and as to ancient tradition. The first mentions of “magic drink“ appeared in Ramayan. Several thousands of years used it daily that turned into some kind of cult.

As it is strange, production of tea at the industrial level began in the country only in the XIX century. Then one of the major companies under the name “East - the Indian Company“ opened, it developed the activity in the State of Assam.

Most of people in response to the phrase “the Indian tea“ represent in the imagination boundless green plantations and a huge number of the smiling girls in the multi-colored saris collecting emerald leaves. But actually it is absolutely not so iridescent and it is fine, tea assembly manually is considered one of the heaviest professions in the world. Workers, being under scorching the Indian sun, the whole day without being unbent break two top leaflets from branches of tea-plants. Of course, in the modern world it is possible to call to the aid various cars, but, unfortunately, quality of such tea turns out several times lower.

What is traditional masala? This tea prepares from the selected tea leaves, fresh milk and various Indian spices. For the first time this type of tea appeared many millennia ago, but still it pleases with the unique taste and aroma.

Today each hostess does tea masala in own way, a certain recipe does not exist. For example, many add to its structure korichnevyysakhar (and the more the better), others use special syrup or honey, add spicy herbs which increase aroma and do tea rather unique. At the same time the composition of spices in different regions or even the cities is various.

The main features of tea masala it is possible to call its saturated taste and special aroma. But it is not all. This drink - the real well of useful substances. Indians drink masala at infectious diseases, cold. Also it perfectly raises a tone of all organism and strengthens its protective barriers.

You want to receive an energy charge? Drink in the morning a cup of hot tea masala.