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Where to spend unforgettable holidays? Solar Turkey

for anybody not a secret that the most popular vacation spot among citizens of Russia is, of course, solar Turkey. Why this country?

Well, in - the first, the visa is not necessary, it saves money and time. In - the second, the price of rounds to Turkey very accepted and adequate. Well, and in - the third, it is, of course, the blue waters of the salty Mediterranean Sea, picturesque types, fascinating excursions, restaurants abounding with various food and friendly personnel.

The first time we visited this hospitable country during a honeymoon in 2009 and decided not to break tradition to celebrate the third anniversary of our family.

As the place of arrival we chose luxurious hotel in Alania (a resort of Turkey) with the most beautiful territory in 120 000 sq.m. The highlight of hotel is covered in its arrangement - 105 meters above sea level.

I will tell you without excess delays, here really is what to look at. In the territory of hotel there is an aquapark (8 hills for adults, 4 hills for children), artificial minirafting, 3 pools in the open air and one in the building, the main restaurant (it is designed for 600 people), an open terrace (for 350 people), 3 à la carte of restaurant, a tennis court, an amphitheater, Spa - the center and so forth. Generally, we had not to miss!

So, having spent 6 hours for flight and 3 watch on a transfer from the airport of Antalya to hotel, we at last plunged really into the amazing world. Having had a dinner at restaurant, we rose in the number. In the whole housing arranged us though the furniture of number seemed not too intricate.

From the next day we started active recreation. Went to a public bath. It was rather cheerful and hot! During this trip got acquainted with one young couple from Lithuania, very lovely communicated and dispersed according to the numbers after arrival.

The next day was full of an extreme. We rose in the sky on a parachute and made a trip on “sofa“, full of thrills. “Sofa“ - swimming means without motor which fastens a cable to the boat. Within ten minutes ruthlessly beat us about waves and threw up in air. It is necessary to hold at the same time strong fastenings, otherwise easily it is possible to appear in water. After this wild trip at me knees shivered for a long time and language was braided. However it was worth it.

Further we headed for the well-known aquapark “Troy“ issued in style of the war of the same name and the Baby seal located in the city. After we made several arrivals on mad waterslides of “Kamikaze“ and “Phantom“, went to watch show of dolphins. It was very interesting to watch the enormous white whales lapping in water and executing dance of snowflakes. It is necessary to mention magnificent dances of a morzhikha of Silva which did not leave any viewer indifferent.

We continue our fascinating travel. So …

We received offers from the guide to visit Istanbul, Cyprus or Israel at choice. We chose the last and did not regret. During a trip we visited the Holy Land, the city of three religions, David`s city, Christ`s city - Jerusalem, and also the ancient city of the autonomous republic of Palestine Bethlehem.

During this fascinating excursion we managed to see the place of burial of Christ, Jesus and Kamen`s day nursery of unction from which Miro flows down. Examined a legendary Wailing Wall. However did not decide to leave in it notes with wishes - at insistance of the father with which we got acquainted in hotel. According to him, people with orthodox belief should not leave notes and pray at this wall.

Visited also Church of the Nativity where saw one tremendous thing. On a temple column in the form of round openings the cross is represented. Having laid to it a hand, it is possible to feel a certain chill and wind. One more interesting detail connected with these a cross - the coin attached to a certain place does not fall to the ground. Miracles and only! As well as the fact that the vegetation perfectly feels in this rocky district where only 2 days of rainfall a year. What here you will tell, the Holy Land!

It managed to us to visit also the Dead Sea. In it honor water level on 500 m below sea-level. The coast of the lake - the lowest land area on the Earth`s surface.

Concentration of salt in water makes 33%. In my opinion, excessive will say that in the sea there does not live any live organism. Water very hot and heavy. Taking out hands from the sea, it is possible to notice fat droplets of water on all surface of a palm. It will not be possible to float in the sea, water pushes out a body outside. Very many tourists sat down on water - literally this word - with the newspaper in hands and imprinted this pose on chambers.

It is possible to lay down in water only on a back, otherwise it is bitter - salty water can get into a mouth, and it is unpleasant and it is not useful. Short-term baths (no more than 10 minutes) in the Dead Sea are taken for treatment of diseases oporno - the motive device, skin diseases, etc. Having bought 2 packages of the dirt extracted from a sea bottom in shop we made that on there is natural Spa - procedure: covered each other with this dirt, and then got rid of it, having entered water.

For memory of Israel in a Christian bench we got icons of the Virgin Mary and 12 apostles for ourselves and parents, and also a cross of the pilgrim and a small cross for the daughter. As a souvenir from the Dead Sea I brought a cosmetics set.

Tired, but happy we returned to hotel.

Before departure we spent the last days in the territory of hotel, cheerfully riding hills, being alloyed on lifebuoys on pass - rafting, being given to hot beams of the sun, lying on chaise lounges and sipping a mix from garnet and orange juice. We spent evenings on fascinating dancing and comedy shows of group of animators.

Here so our Turkish fairy tale in reality ended, and we came back home.