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Ban on smoking: it is more dangerous, than smoking?

In the settlement of Ramenskoye of Dmitrovsky district of Moscow area the next hospital burned down. 38 people died. Firefighters arrived in an hour when there was nobody to rescue already. Two patients were rescued by the heroic nurse, having pulled out on herself.

A in general only for the last 15 years and only in psychoneurological medical institutions that is where lattices at windows, alive burned down or choked 94 persons.

The fires with death at nursing homes and boarding schools stopped being something out of the common long ago. If they happen - patients are almost doomed. Lattices at windows in psychoneurological institutions are necessary that patients did not run up, will not get to anywhere. Two - three nurses - nurses with a salary less than 4 thousand rubles (!) (according to the psychiatrist of the highest category Victor Hanykov), staying overnight even if they do not sleep, physically cannot pull out on themselves the whole office tight of the men sleeping under the influence of preparations.

All right, with poor nurses clear. And here to service of coordination of the Ministry of Emergency Situations there are questions, there people work not for 4 thousand a month. The bad road, went to the place of the fire more than an hour. O`key, bad road, roads everywhere bad. But there was also a good road, along the Moscow Canal. On it went and would arrive quicker than the technician, called to the aid from other places. But the ferry did not work for the village of Meldino because the navigable season did not begin. From - for it firefighters returned to Dmitrov and got to the place of the fire, having passed superfluous 100 (!) kilometers. And so, really the beginning of a navigable season is unknown in a staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations? Same to construct not the good road is data to transfer though with the courier if they there in the Ministry of Emergency Situations have no Internet, electricity and phone.

You should not write all this if not the reason which seems to me very essential and will concern all soon. Well, except those who are treated in private clinics where orders arrange under the patient, and not vice versa. And such people quite can incidentally appear in usual hospital if, God forbid, they are taken away by the ambulance from the place of road accident or act of terrorism.

In hospitals will forbid smoking. Everywhere. And I see this marvelous picture as the uncle Vasya who smoked 50 years a makhra and Belomor - the channel, having appeared in the general chamber on 10 people in the winter with a fracture of both legs, joyfully refuses an addiction and writes letters of thanks to the State Duma which made such wise decision. And the fire in a boarding school on which 38 people died arose from - for cigarettes which the patient smoked at night under a blanket. It would be strange if did not arise - try to smoke under a blanket. Why? But because a bottom - zya! A bottom - zya to smoke anywhere, except as under a blanket !

Perhaps it is already time to recognize obvious - if in hospitals the separate smoking areas which are not disturbing non-smoking patients in whom there is nothing to burn where even expensive fire extinguishers are not necessary - enough ashtray (banks, devil take it are allocated!) with water, my uncle Vasya will not get to smoke under a blanket and will not burn all hospital.

And a heat against which our legislators against bad who would argue fight, habits to direct to the real help to those who do not want to smoke and cannot throw. Raise excises, pack cost grows, money goes to treasury, that is to the general copper, but I did not hear yet that from this money to people suggested to pay, for example, occupations with sport, incompatible with smoking, or elementary anti-nicotinic plasters.

Yes, created phone for persons interested to leave off smoking. Put the young lady. I call supposedly and so, than you can help? The young lady is quiet and judicious: “It will be difficult for you to refuse this addiction“.

“I am aware, - I answer, - it would not be difficult, I would not call you“.

“Here you see, - the young lady rejoices, - now you not one, at each stage you will be able to call us and to tell about the progress“.

“All this, than you can help me?“

“And unless have not enough of it?“

Applause, curtain.