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Purchases online. How not to snare swindlers?

to Buy a qualitative thing and as it is possible cheaper - it is natural desire of everyone. And as they say, demand gives rise to the offer. So recently the Internet - trade in various goods gains steam more and more. can consider

as the Starting point of this kind of activity 2005 when on web - open spaces one began to appear behind others the Internet - shops. Every year their quantity grew in a geometrical progression.

Today, by modest calculations of experts, every fourth inhabitant of any of the large cities at least once, but bought something by means of the Internet. Among virtual malls millions of rubles turn. Therefore it is no wonder that around such large sums citizens, greedy for easy money, appear.

Not so long ago in Kharkiv the gang of swindlers which specialized in realization of nonexistent mink coats on the Internet was detained. For a year of the criminal activity they could facilitate pockets of trustful buyers for the sum more than 600 thousand hryvnias. Under the guise of respectable sellers 53 - the summer organizer and him 36 - the summer accomplice placed on various the Internet - auctions of the announcement of sale of mink coats of elite - a class. The price of such acquisition fluctuated within 10 - 20 thousand hryvnias.

Having concluded the virtual bargain with the buyer, offtakers of mythical goods demanded 100% an advance payment on a card of one of banks of Ukraine. When conditions were satisfied, the victims of swindle received instead of a mink a usual fur coat from an old rabbit (the price of such fur coat in the market fluctuates within 3 - 4 thousand hryvnias).

By words a press - services Departments of Internal Affairs of the Kharkiv region, more than 50 people suffered from activity of such businessmen. Today, on this fact criminal case is brought and investigation is made. But unfortunately, it is not the only case when cunning sellers used naivety or a carelessness of our citizens.

Buying goods from the picture, it is not always possible to receive in real that you wanted. So at one of forums the Internet - the user under a nickname Vladimir imparts experience purchases on the Internet.

Having looked on the Internet - auction for the mobile phone, Vladimir was tempted with the low price of the pleasant goods. It was almost three times less than market. But its this fact not especially confused because at the description of goods there was its characteristic, and the seller had very considerable rating on a portal. As the young man, the only thing tells what it surprised that at a large number of viewings so nobody tried to acquire goods.

Having relied on these goods, in several days he won auction. Having contacted the seller, paid goods, began to look forward the purchase. When it came, Vladimir was simply stunned. Instead of treasured phone sent it only a cover from it. On its claim to the seller the administration of the website pointed to an addition in the announcement that it was gathered by a small print, the guy did not even pay at once attention to it: in this announcement only the cover is on sale.

Here and so from - for a carelessness Vladimir lost the blood. But sometimes, “buying a pig in a poke“, even it can be not caught.

User under a nickname Alice: “Decided to give the husband a gift to birthday - to buy it the video recorder. To run on shops neither time, nor desires were. It is far simpler to make several clicks by a mouse, and honor goods at you in a pocket. Therefore decided to look for a surprise on the Internet. I did not get a gift, and here for myself received an unpleasant surprise. Having found the most favorable as at that time it seemed to me, the model paid it via the terminal. The seller assured that after payment within a week I will have goods on hands, but it did not occur. Neither in a week, nor through two to me so nothing came. And together with money also the seller was gone. Whom to blame? Yes there is nobody, only itself. At once guarded me that the user new and he has no responses. But decided that it is necessary to all once to begin with something and the price bribed me the availability. Next time I will be cleverer“ .

On all Internet there is a lot of such examples. Among users trade the Internet - resources even is the black lists of sellers and buyers. Only web - malefactors manages to be caught extremely seldom.

As note in police, the main help in fight against it by careless sellers is attentiveness of users.

Can tell such facts about unreliability of future transaction :

- too low cost of the sold lot;

- lack of reviews of transactions or seller;

- lack of any coordinates, except number of the mobile phone and e-mail of the seller or shop;

- if the name of the website is a double authoritative the Internet - shop, and difference consists only in several letters.


1. Before making the transaction, thoroughly study all characteristic signs of the acquired goods.

2. Having decided on the pleasant goods, phone to administration of shop and find out whether there is a desirable thing in a warehouse what guarantees for it are provided by firm and where if something happens it is possible to make repair or replacement, well and of course, learn coordinates of the shop.

3. When you will make payment, use for this purpose only the computer or special bank terminals.

Recently many large and respecting themselves the Internet - auctions and shops provide to the users protective programs which provide payment of compensations in case their users faced about the Internet - fraud.

Despite all risks, it should be noted those characteristic pluses which are provided to us by online - shopping. It both the huge choice, and the low price, and time which will not be required to be wasted in bustle from shop to shop in search of a necessary thing. According to the estimates of experts, making purchases in the Internet - shops, it is possible to cut down expenses in the family budget to 30%.

Goods which are in the greatest demand among the Internet - consumers: small equipment (cameras, a PDA, mobile phones, players and so forth), clothes and footwear, books, disks, antiques, collecting objects, spare details to machines, computers and household appliances.