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Pushkin - our everything? The English writer Mr. Chesterton witty noticed

: “The classic - the one who is praised, without reading“. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin - one of the few whom these words do not concern. It is unlikely there will be a person who was not reading though some work of the poet. was always enough

of Laudatory words and dithyrambs to the great poet. But there were also “spittles“ in its address.

“Ran“ over Pushkin at all times. Notable “poke“ was put by the emperor Nicholas I, having given the poet the rank of chambers - the cadet. It is not a rank, and that Natalya Goncharova should be “walked“ on balls. That on them to get, it was necessary to have a court rank. That is to Pushkin gave this rank not for some merits, and only for the fact that he was a husband of the St. Petersburg beauty. Such useless prostakovsky “wife`s husband“.

As it is pride, but dexterously and precisely the German poet Heinrich Heine to the rich uncle noticed: “You know, the uncle, the best in you the fact that you carry my surname“. About many who surrounded Pushkin we now also would not know if with them during this era there was no great poet nearby. It concerns also many other famous people near whom some to nobody the famous people found a certain popularity.

After Pushkin`s death practically any newspaper did not dare to report about his death. And the poet V. F. Odoevsky was eloquently and capaciously expressed only in the “Literaturnye Pribavleniya K Russkomu Invalidu“ newspaper so: “The sun of our poetry was gone“. State machinery in the person of the imperial censor was not slow to answer.

The official angrily questioned: “… What for the sun that for a great field? To write rhymes - what this field? “ And it is valid, to specify to the poet what to write how to write, - this occupation will be more main. We also know about these officials - that only because they adjoined to the great poet.

It is curious that about Lermontov his regimental commander spoke almost the same as the censor of Pushkin. He said that all write rhymes to its shelf, and is unclear why such special attention is paid to verses of his subordinated Lermontov. Honestly, why? Somebody heard about those regimental “poets“? Unless only about Martynov and that absolutely for other reason.

From modern writers: Eduard Limonov gave to Pushkin ruthless slap in the face. It picked to pieces creations of the poet and as to the personality to Pushkin got too. Limonov in the book “Sacred Monsters“ walked a heavy verbal skating rink on “ours all“, having called it the “calendar“ poet. Of course, Limonov is an uncommon writer, and he can criticize others from “belltower“. And all - it is worth observing literary decency. Especially as the poet cannot challenge to a duel any more.

Interestingly the Egyptian tsar Ptolemaeus reacted to spiteful words of an Ancient Greek ritor of Zoil (whose name became nominal), who criticized Homer`s works. Ptolemaeus parried these attacks, having told Zoil that Homer, the dead long ago, centuries feeds many thousands of people. And how many great Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin “finances“? Very many have to be grateful to such “sponsor`s“ help which is granted throughout two centuries by the great poet.

As told Goethe, “the genius is the person who learned the mission“. This magnificent statement can be added - “… and skillfully used this mission“. Even great Pushkin realized the abilities only partially. And spilled a lot of things and wasted on any squabbles and squabbles. Only in the well-known Boldino autumn the poet gave all the best for all 100% because though it was for a while fenced off from all “spittles“. The poet skillfully sublimated the libido, having necessarily appeared locked up and far from women`s society. It directed all the storming hormonal passion to poetic creativity, having created a set of masterpieces.

In 22 years after Pushkin`s death the literary critic Apollon Grigoryev in the volume article about the Russian literature pathosly spoke of the poet: “Pushkin - our everything“. 21 more years that Pushkin was recognized as the genius were required. It occurred after Dostoyevsky`s performance in June, 1880 at a meeting of “Society of fans of the Russian literature“. Only after this ardent speech many Russian writers and poets ceased to argue on poetic greatness of Pushkin. As the way of the poet to recognition is long and thorny!

The UN in honor of merits of the Russian poet founded Day of Russian on June 6. The Roman poet Ovidy in the composition “Art of love“ noticed: “I congratulate myself that I was born now“. In unison we will add: “Let`s congratulate ourselves that great Pushkin was born at us“. And it is unimportant in what time. Pushkin is forever!

We congratulate all fans of the Russian poetry on Pushkin day!