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Whether the love can make our children happy?

If the child did not receive love for the fact that he just is, then it is very difficult for it to fill internal emptiness in the future. The Nedolyublennost - a terrible thing. These words were pronounced by Snezhana Egorova, successful mother of four children.

All of us, parents, very much want to make happy the children. We aspire to that they tested happiness not only from the fact that completely are provided to all, but also that it is easy for them to go on life. And for this purpose it is necessary to teach the child to perceive positively the world, it is correct to build the relations with others, to have a rest and work with pleasure, to overcome difficulties and even to reconcile to the fact that in life it can be not always happy.

For a long time in the help with education of children many various recommendations, since ancient bible truth, proverbs, works were offered, finishing with modern scientific works. And it is valid, both popular wisdom, and modern methods and receptions used for education of children are very useful and effective. But education without love will never bring to the child of happiness. Therefore parents and tutors need to reflect: whether we raise children with love, or we carry out only the duties of parents or tutors?

The main law of education and all our life consists in love. It goes from the Bible when Jesus Christ urged to love the neighbor. With love the patience, forgiveness, understanding comes. Therefore the most effective and effective way of education is also the parental love of children and to each other.

If the parental love real, sincere, unconditional, then and at children in reply arises the same love. The family lives in the atmosphere of mutual understanding, normal human communication, mutual aid. And the grown-up children continue to live in this atmosphere, providing a happy old age to the elderly parents. If in a family to the child it is good, comfortably, safely, then to him all the time will want to come back there. If the child does not feel favourite, necessary, significant, then such family to him not in pleasure, and in burden, and he will go to look for other society where to it will show attention, interest, approval. And where such road will bring, it is unknown.

But the parental love should not be blind. Being repaid the fact that the child is still small or is not able, they deprive of him independence, do not allow most to fill own bruises and cones to learn to be guided in a rough stream of life. Protect it from alarms and disappointments instead of helping to cope with these problems. Such love will hardly prepare the child for life and will create the correct attitude towards her. It is necessary not to be afraid of the conflicts with our children because they help to inform of the requirements children. And children the conflicts learn to live in the real world and to distinguish good from bad. Only it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to clash on business, without humiliations and insults.

Life of children depends on what rules work in a family. If the atmosphere of love, the positive attitude towards others, to the world, optimism, vigor, aspiration to enjoy life, kindness, keenness, sincerity reigns in a family, then and in a family of the child there will be the same. Children adopt everything from the parents. Therefore before being engaged in education of the child, it is necessary to create a situation in which the child just will be able to feel happy in a family.