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How it is useful to eat? 10 rules

When the person think of healthy nutrition, the negative association appears at once: wearisome diet, starvation, fast fresh food, ban on all delicacies and intolerable torture. But if to go deep into this question, then it is possible to notice that devil is not so black as he is painted.

And even, on the contrary, having joined in process of healthy nutrition, it is possible to open for itself that it is possible to eat at the same time tasty and it is useful.

I it is not obligatory for i to limit itself at all and to exhaust, it is enough to output for itself certain rules of food.

of 10 rules of useful food:

1. Before a breakfast it is necessary to drink a glass of water. this rule we practiced
In student`s years, having hung up the poster over a table: “Do not forget to drink a glass of water!“ In the student`s company at all appetite very good therefore it was necessary to provide equal access to food in such a way. And not to keep to a diet, we used this method too.

2. You have to have a motivation.
For example, dream of an ideal figure or care about health. So the person is arranged - without motivation anywhere. Quite quite good motivation “We - what we eat“. From where there will be beautiful healthy hair, the shining skin, beautiful nails if the person has an unbalanced food which is aggravated with smoking? The healthy nutrition allows the person to look healthy and beautiful.

3. Make a right choice.
When you want to eat junk food, it is possible to replace it with the similar product but useful. For example, chocolate can be replaced with sweet fruit or hematogen. Mayonnaise can be made house which prepares quickly and without addition of harmful chemistry, or it is possible to dress some dishes not with mayonnaise, but kefir or fermented baked milk. Instead of harmful chicken seasoning it is possible to cook the real chicken broth.
Can replace a number of harmful products with similar, but useful.

4. Do not allow wide intervals of time between meals.
the Big error of those who keep to a diet to bring itself to hunger. Do not starve, otherwise the organism will reserve fat. Also the metabolism will worsen.

5. The healthy nutrition is a moderate food. Can eat with
everything that you want, but not to overeat. It is possible to afford piece of cake if you do not abuse quantity. It is not obligatory to limit absolutely itself in your favourite delicacies. In everything the measure is good.

6. Do not eat after 19 - 00.
Many know that they after 19 - 00 are it is undesirable. At this time the metabolism is slowed down, therefore load of a digestive tract increases. But if you feel hungry, then it is possible to eat a light salad without filling with oil.

7. Drink daily enough not sparkling water.

It is desirable for b to exclude the aerated sweet drinks. In aggressive advertizing connect active lifestyle with them, they are very much loved by teenagers. But in these drinks there are a lot of dyes, preservatives and other chemical additives.
is the best of all to satisfy thirst with the usual filtered water or mineral not aerated.

8. Refusal of carbohydrates for the night.
carbohydrates Are it is necessary in the first half of day that the food was acquired and was not postponed by extra kilos on a figure.

9. You do not go to shop hungry. Differently do not resist by
temptation to buy something tasty, but not the most useful.

10. You love yourself. Eat with
only that food which will load you with energy and will present you beauty.

Following these simple rules, you will become healthier and more beautiful!