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What is happiness?

It is sure for all 100% that each person, at least once, but asked this question. And indeed, in what happiness? What is it? As it is shown in our life? Whether it is identical to all?

You know, I think that for each person it is individually. Just as each person in itself is individual. And unless is not present? How life was difficult, any of us dreams of living it happily and carefree.

I want to share with you the happiness! It at me the simplest, but the most invaluable. It is my family, my children.

I am 25 years old soon. The heat of youth can be told! I have a beautiful husband: clever, kind, careful, hardworking, sincere, of course with a spark (but I too not the angel!) . We are for 4,5 year in marriage. Someone will tell “it a little“, but for us it is already a lot of. And I with confidence can tell that another and it is not necessary to me. I found in the husband for myself both the friend and loved and what to hide, the smart lover.

But our most great happiness is our children! We have two beautiful daughters. Senior - Lizochka is 3,5 years old, and younger - Zlatushke is 1,5 years old. But the most interesting, I again in situation! Yes! In two months in our family the new little man, one more man has to appear! For us this long-awaited and unforgettable event.

Many speak to me “My God what you are a good girl! Yes you should put a monument! Presently very few people bring up three. One and that as is heavy.“ Yes, I do not argue, this is true. But same not an occasion to refuse such HAPPINESS!

Too it was necessary to me not with pleasure. I not once was influenced nedospanny nights, diapers - baby`s undershirts, gripes, temperature, the growing teeth and all the rest. But when I see a smile of the child, I understand that it was worth it.

What can be finer than the opened embraces of the running towards, such native little man? These big curious eyes which look at you with love and adoration? A smile to ears, not depending on weather? What can be lovelier than the word “mother“, “mamulichka“?

The child always brings to the house joy and happiness. Of course to have to get used to much, in many respects to refuse to itself. At everything is “+“ and “-“. It is life! As if we could enjoy in the summer if we did not know what is winter?! Just as we could love and preserve the children, without getting them such price?! To have to pay for happiness too.

Of course, I as well as all dream of rest, of good life in prosperity, about health of the family, to be successful in favourite business. And I know that I will have all this soon! Because to me is to what to aspire, eat for what and for whom to live. And when in life there are a purpose and desire, then all on a shoulder.

I want to wish to all to become a little kinder to each other, to learn to love myself and people around, to find the purpose in life, to execute the cherished dream, to try to obtain heights and to aspire to others. You smile, have fun, you appreciate all that is given you in life. Clean lie, rage, envy and levity from the heart. Rejoice everyone little things in life, to a rain, the sun, children... Rejoice to yourself, the identity. Also be always happy!

P. S. You do not judge my first creation is strict. Thanks to all who was glad together with me!