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Croatia: what souvenirs to bring from travel? Travelling

around such unique country as Croatia, everyone thinks of a question what to bring as a gift for the family. Of course, it is possible just to buy cards with views of Croatia or to get a huge number of the most various magnets, but most of tourists so does. If you do not want

that your family counted you as the bore, it is necessary to think of unique souvenirs which will always remind of this fantastic country.

For example, the fact that in Croatia thought up is rather interesting and for the first time created such popular part of clothes of each man as a tie respecting himself. Besides here for the first time the silk scarf a neck was put on also by women. Therefore if you among friends or acquaintances have real dandies - safely buy this part of clothes. The most popular firm on production of ties in Croatia is Croata.

Unique laces of handwork which are created by local needlewomen from the island Page differ not in smaller popularity. By the way, such laces are not only very beautiful, but also rather expensive therefore will become a fine gift for those who are in a special way dear to you. Also popular embroideries from silk and fine towels from flax are considered as threads.

Fans of jewelry will not be able to have eyes glued on unique goods Morchich. Unusual earrings and brooches, pendents and bracelets in the form of the head of the Moor dressed in a white turban bewitch the beauty. By the way, such products are created only in the territory of Croatia. Earlier was considered that such jewelry helps fishermen and seamen with their hard work.

By tradition tourists from Croatia often bring alcoholic beverages. Unique liqueur from Maraskino cherries was loved in due time by Balzac and Napoleon. Today it is created according to the ancient recipe which was known in the XVI century. Besides, you can find a huge amount of tinctures, fruit liqueurs and other liqueurs here. Vodka a grappa enjoys wide popularity among tourists.

Having arrived to Croatia, everyone surely tries to taste cheese on a unique compounding from the island Page. Thanks to the fact that its half a year insist in olive oil cheese develops a special soft taste and extreme unique aroma. It will become a fine gift for gourmets and just fans to eat well.

And inveterate sweet teeth will never refuse the real Croatian honey. There is it a huge number of its most various types that eyes begin to run up and the choice becomes rather difficult. Green honey which can be bought only in local drugstores enjoys special popularity. It not only pleases with the special taste, but also helps at colds and flu, thanks to medicinal herbs which enter its basis.

Of course, it is impossible to describe all miracles of Croatia. They are worth be seen and felt. Come to this unique country, it is possible not only to enjoy the nature and architecture here, but also to choose a unique gift on the taste.