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Than rabbit flesh is useful?

How many time heard that “rabbits are not only valuable fur, but also 3-4 kg of easily acquired meat“, and never reflected in what actually advantage of rabbit flesh. Recently received gift in the form of a carcass of a rabbit forced to penetrate into this question me.

Long thought whether to accept such unusual gift, but eventually curiosity to not tested / to novel got the best.

On color rabbit flesh - white with a small pink shade, almost without smack meat, soft and dense on a consistence, low-fat, with fine-fibered muscles, thin bones, low content of cholesterol and purinovy educations. It appears, meat of a rabbit differs in exclusively high nutritious advantages.

Rabbit flesh is considered a valuable dietary product, its caloric content makes about 136 kcal on 100 g (for comparison mutton caloric content - 319 kcal, beef - 274-335 and pork - 389 kcal). Nutritionists assure that regular consumption of a rabbit can normalize a metabolism. Also rabbit flesh contains the full-fledged, well acquired protein (the human body acquires meat of a rabbit for 90%, and, for example, beef only for 60%), it is a lot of vitamins and mineral substances:

- 1 vitamin B (tiamin) - 0,1 mg;
- 2 vitamin B (Riboflavinum) - 0,15 mg;
- niatsin ( 3 vitamin B or RR) - 7,27 mg;
- 5 vitamin B (pantothenic acid) - 0,8 mg;
- 6 vitamin B (pyridoxine) - 0,5 mg;
- folic acid (B9 vitamin) - 8 mkg;
- 12 vitamin B (cyanocobalamine) - 7,16 mkg;

- potassium - 239 mg;
- calcium - 13 mg;
- magnesium - 19 mg;
- sodium - 41 mg;
- phosphorus - 213 mg;
- iron - 1,57 mg;
- manganese - 26 mkg;
- copper - 145 mkg;
- zinc - 1,57 mg;
- selenium - 23,7 mkg.

It is known that 6 vitamins B , In 12 , RR and minerals iron, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, the manganese which are contained in rabbit flesh are very useful to functioning kostno - a muscular skeleton. Meat of rabbits contains full-fledged protein in which 19 amino acids, including all irreplaceable are revealed. Also the fact that at thermal treatment the qualitative players of amino acids of meat are not changed is valuable. Most of all contains in rabbit flesh irreplaceable amino acid of a lysine - 10,43%, methionine and tryptophane - respectively 2,37% and 1,55%.

On dietary indicators rabbit flesh is in many respects similar to chicken meat, however contains more proteins, fats and there is not enough sodium. Low-caloric content of meat of a rabbit allows to recommend it to the people having excess weight.

Rabbit flesh - a recognized hypoallergenic product therefore it is shown to inclusion in food to children, elderly people, pregnant women and the nursing women.

The use of meat of a rabbit allows to prevent development of atherosclerosis of vessels, a hypertensive illness and diseases connected with a metabolic disorder (rabbit flesh contains lecithin and has the low level of cholesterol). Also its use makes favorable impact on work zheludochno - an intestinal path of the person and stimulates sekretorny function.

And rabbit fat - in general, appears, ancient medicine. It contains polynonsaturated fatty acids, including scarce arakhidonovy, and also the extractive and nitrogenous connections stimulating natural immunity. Rabbit fat perfectly helps at bronchitis, in this case it is accepted inside or rub a breast, adding honey. Such mix also heals wounds and helps at an itch.

Besides meat of a rabbit possesses the antioxidant properties which are well influencing a condition of integuments and interfering their presenilation.

Still interesting facts. Meat of a rabbit can lower a dose of the accepted radiation. Therefore it is advised to use to the people living in especially polluted areas and at treatment of oncological diseases. And also rabbit flesh is eco-friendly: the rabbit almost does not “absorb“ in the organism pesticides, and to seven-months age and strontium - 90 which is a product of disintegration of pesticides and herbicides which process fields for receiving more big crop and protection of plants against the most various pathogenic microbes and fungi.

At all positive properties is, however, at rabbit flesh and contraindication: individual intolerance (some people can have an allergy). And still it is necessary to consider that meat of a rabbit contains the purinovy bases which are transformed to the uric acid capable to cause in adults arthritises and gout as settles in sinews and joints in small amounts. Surplus of uric acid can nervously cause in children - artritichesky diathesis.

However these contraindications do not belittle all other advantages of rabbit flesh therefore eat on health!